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(2019) PG ●

6.15PM, SKY PRE­MIERE HHH Mis­matched an­i­mal se­cret agents, rogu­ish cat Vladimir and lazy rat Hec­tor, team up to tackle an ice-cold vil­lain with a das­tardly plan in this ac­tion­packed fam­ily an­i­ma­tion.


Sky 301 Vir­gin 401

9.10am Spy­cies (2019) PG ●

See 6.15pm. (S)

10.55 Bul­let­proof 2: Re­match

(2020) 15 Spe­cial Agent Faizon Love has a mis­sion to take down a pow­er­ful South African crime fam­ily. (S)

12.40pm Ter­mi­na­tor: Dark Fate

(2019) 15 See 8pm. (S)

2.50 Dragon­heart: Vengeance

(2020) 15 Af­ter his fam­ily is mur­dered by raiders, young farmer Jack Kane em­barks on an epic quest for re­venge. (S) Play­ing With Fire (2019) PG ●

A crew of rugged fire­fight­ers meet their match when at­tempt­ing to res­cue three feisty kids. (S)

PICK Spy­cies (2019) PG ● (S)

Ter­mi­na­tor: Dark Fate

(2019) 15 Ter­mi­na­tor hunter Linda Hamil­ton must stop an ad­vanced Ter­mi­na­tor from hunt­ing down a young girl. (S) Body Cam (2020) 15 When a rou­tine traf­fic stop re­sults in the death of her col­league, cop Mary J. Blige tries to get to the bot­tom of the mys­tery. (S)

12mid­night Hell on the Bor­der

(2019) 15 (S)

1.55-3.45 Don’t Let Go (2019) 15 u

David Oyelowo mys­tery. (S)


(2015) 12 u

8PM, SU­PER­HEROES HHHH Paul Rudd shrinks down as the tiny hero who is played for laughs. Rudd’s ex-con isn’t squeaky-clean, but he’s a fit for the high-tech suit in­vented by Michael Dou­glas’s sci­en­tist.


Sky 302 Vir­gin 402

9.45am Bat­man: Year One (2011) 15 Bruce Wayne re­turns to Gotham af­ter years away and be­comes a masked vig­i­lante. Ant-man (2015) 12 u

See 8pm. (S)

Spi­der-man: Into the Spi­der-verse (2018) PG ●

Stu­dent Miles Mo­rales be­comes a ver­sion of Spi­der-man, and crosses paths with coun­ter­parts from other di­men­sions. (S)

Aqua­man (2018) 12

Hu­man-born heir to the king­dom of At­lantis Ja­son Mo­moa em­barks on a quest to pre­vent a war. (S) Hulk (2003) 12 Ex­po­sure to ra­di­a­tion trans­forms sci­en­tist Eric Bana into a for­mi­da­ble green mon­ster. (S)

PICK Ant-man

(2015) 12 (S)

10.00 Thor (2011) 12 Norse god of thun­der Chris Hemsworth is ban­ished to present-day Earth, which he must de­fend from his evil brother. (S)

12mid­night-2.10 Bat­man (1989) 15 Masked hero Michael Keaton sets out to stop Jack Ni­chol­son from killing the ci­ti­zens of Gotham City. (S) 11.00 1pm 3.00 5.30 8.00


u9.05 10.55


Free­view 32 Freesat 302 Sky 321 Vir­gin 425

9am Flirt­ing with Dan­ger (2006) 15 James Thomas sus­pects foul play when his friend, who was in seem­ingly per­fect health, has a fa­tal heart at­tack.

12noon Death Al Dente: The Gourmet De­tec­tive (2015)

PG ● Dy­lan Neal is hired to find the best chef for a new eatery, but a num­ber of deaths sees him at the heart of an­other mys­tery. Ring of De­ceit (2009) PG ●

Art ex­pert Re­becca Mader ex­am­ines an an­tique ring, but be­gins to sus­pect a con­nec­tion to a mur­derer.

Krull (1983) PG ● Prince Ken Mar­shall sets out in search of a weapon to save his bride from the clutches of a mon­ster.

I Am Num­ber Four (2011) 12

Teenager Alex Pet­tyfer be­comes a fugi­tive de­ter­mined to hunt him down.

PICK Edge of To­mor­row: Live, Die, Re­peat (2014) 12 u Ely­sium (2013) 15 Dy­ing man fights to gain ac­cess to a space sta­tion’s med­i­cal fa­cil­i­ties.

1.30am-3.40 Get Carter (2000) 15

Mob en­forcer Sylvester Stal­lone re­turns to Seat­tle for his mur­dered brother’s funeral and sets about ex­act­ing his re­venge. 2.40 4.25 6.50 9.00 11.20

uuuu6.55 9.00 11.15

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