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- Sandi Toksvig is pleased she quit Bake Off. ‘I had three years watch­ing peo­ple make meringues and thought, “That’ll prob­a­bly do,”’ says Sandi (pic­tured). ‘I was writ­ing my mem­oirs while they filmed this year and, of the two things, I’d rather be writ­ing.’ Singapore

Things got lost in trans­la­tion dur­ing the film­ing of ITV drama The Sin­ga­pore Grip. ‘I didn’t un­der­stand the mean­ing of the word “cue” as in wait­ing to be cued in to a scene,’ ad­mits French­man Christophe Guy­bet, who plays Fran­cois Dupigny (pic­tured). ‘I thought it meant queue, so I stood be­hind an­other ac­tor. And I thought “It’s a wrap” meant we were break­ing for sand­wiches!’


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