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9PM, ITV3 ★★★ A re­peat from the start for ITV’S slick take on the 1970s drama, star­ring Marc Warren as the world-weary Dutch de­tec­tive Piet Van der Valk (left). In this first case, it seems there could be a link be­tween two dead bod­ies found on the same day. The orig­i­nal se­ries is re­peated on Fri­days at 9pm on Talk­ing Pic­tures TV.


9PM, BBC4 ★★★ Ten­sions rise in the sec­ond dou­ble bill of this Aussie crime drama as the bones found by the ar­chae­ol­o­gist (The Bridge’s Sofia Helin) stir up trou­ble with se­cre­tive indige­nous folk. Adding to the all-per­vad­ing sense of un­ease is the in­ves­ti­ga­tion of Fran (Jada Al­berts, left), who be­lieves the bones could be the re­mains of her cousin, Zoe.



In 2009, Stephen Hawk­ing (left) threw a cham­pagne party for time trav­ellers. No­body turned up, but tonight’s new episode sug­gests that time travel is pos­si­ble, and speed seems to be a part of it – as­tro­nauts or­bit­ing the planet at 17,000mph age slower than we do on Earth, for in­stance. ROBIN WIGGS


Sky 309 Vir­gin 408 5.20

uu­uuu5.10 7.00


(2005) U ● 5.10PM, SKY FAM­ILY HHHH Emma Thomp­son writes and stars in this Mary Pop­pins­like fam­ily com­edy, which has great fun at the ex­pense of Colin Firth and oth­ers.

The lesser se­quel fol­lows.


Sky 307 Vir­gin 405

6.45am Bev­erly Hills Chi­huahua

2 (2011) U ● (S)

8.25 Bev­erly Hills Chi­huahua 3:

Viva La Fi­esta! (2012) U ● (S)

10.05 Toy Story 4 (2019) U

See 5.15pm. (S)

11.55 Frozen 2 (2019) U ●

See 7pm. (S)

1.55pm The Lit­tle Mer­maid

II: Re­turn to the Sea

(2000) U See 9pm. (S)

The Princess and the Frog

(2009) U See 12mid­night. (S) Toy Story 4 (2019) U A toy joins Woody and the gang, lead­ing a road trip along­side old and new friends (S) Frozen 2 (2019) U ● Haunted by a mys­te­ri­ous voice, Elsa the Snow Queen trav­els to the en­chanted forests be­yond her king­dom. (S)

The Lit­tle Mer­maid II: Re­turn to the Sea (2000) U n

For­mer mer­maid Ariel wor­ries that her daugh­ter may fall foul of the call of the ocean.

10.30 At­lantis 2: Milo’s Re­turn

(2003) U The in­trepid sci­en­tist in­ves­ti­gates strange events around the world. (S)

12mid­night-1.50 The Princess

and the Frog (2009) U (S) 3.25 5.15

nnns Par­tic­u­larly


anti-sub­ma­rine tac­tics. Shock­ley worked on tran­sis­tors, semi­con­duc­tors and other sci­en­tific in­no­va­tions, and was the driv­ing force be­hind Sil­i­con Val­ley in the 1950s. Stanley Tucci tells the story of Shock­ley, who was a ter­ri­ble boss, a bad fa­ther, a racist and, by the time he was dead, hardly on speak­ing terms with any­one.


8PM, RA­DIO 4 HHH Carolyn Quinn goes back to Septem­ber 25, 2019, when Par­lia­ment was in­volved in a deep and bit­ter row about Brexit,and­borisjohn­son­was ac­cused of act­ing un­law­fully.

The sense of deja vu is over­whelm­ing. For­mer cab­i­net min­is­ters and the then Speaker John Ber­cow are among the con­trib­u­tors. SU­SAN JEF­FREYS

102 (AD)

6.55pm FILM Ed­ward Scis­sorhands Tim Bur­ton’s fan­tasy, star­ring Johnny Depp.

FILM The In­be­tween­ers Movie Com­edy, star­ring Joe Thomas, Si­mon Bird, James Buck­ley and Blake Har­ri­son.

11.00 Gog­gle­box TV re­view. 9.00


Sky 106 Vir­gin 110 (HD 109)

8am Mod­ern Fam­ily (S) 9.00 The Simp­sons (S) 10.00 Macgyver (S)

Hawaii Five-0 (S) 2pm Football’s Fun­ni­est Mo­ments (S) 4.00 Rus­sian F1 GP High­lights 5.00 The Simp­sons. An­i­mated an­tics. (S)

6.00 The Simp­sons

Bart the Lover. (S)

6.30 The Simp­sons

Homer at the Bat. (S)

7.00 The Simp­sons

Sep­a­rate Vo­ca­tions. (S)

7.30 The Simp­sons Dog of Death. Santa’s Lit­tle Helper runs away from home. (S)

NEW Macgyver

Episode 10/20. Se­ries 4.

Mac is put into a dream state.

NEW S.W.A.T. Episode

10/21. Se­ries 3. The team are called and put in charge of pro­tect­ing a war­lord. (S)

10.00 Hawaii Five-0 Episode 10/22. Se­ries 10. Adam’s girl­friend Tamiko is kid­napped right in front of him. (S)

10.55 NCIS: Los Angeles

Episode 10/22. Se­ries 11. (S)

11.50 The Force: Es­sex (S)

12.50am Road Wars (S) 8.00 9.00


Sky 129 Vir­gin 266 (HD 268)

1pm Food Fac­tory (S) 1.30 Food Fac­tory (S) 2.00 Made in a Day (S) 2.30 Made in a Day 3.00 Made in a Day (S) 3.30 Made in a Day (S) 4.00 Made in a Day (S) 4.30 Made in a Day 5.00 Me­gafac­to­ries (S) 6.00 Me­gafac­to­ries 7.00 Me­gafac­to­ries 8.00 Me­gafac­to­ries 9.00 Food Fac­tory (S) 9.30 Food Fac­tory (S) 10.00 Food Fac­tory (S) 10.30 Food Fac­tory (S) 11.00 Food Fac­tory (S) 11.30 Food Fac­tory (S) 12mid­night Made in a Day (S)


Sky 166 Vir­gin 245 (HD 247)

1pm An­i­mal Homes (S) 2.00 Jun­gle Planet (S) 2.30 Jun­gle Planet (S) 3.00 Spy in the Wild (S) 4.00 Spy in the Wild (S) 5.00 Spy in the Wild (S) 6.00 Spy in the Wild (S) 7.00 Na­ture’s Wildest Weapons: Horns, Tusks and Antlers: Nat­u­ral World (S) 8.00 Spy in the Wild (S) 9.00 Spy in the Wild (S) 10.00 Spy in the Wild (S) 11.00 Spy in the Wild (S) 12mid­night An­i­mal Homes (S) 1.00 Na­ture’s Wildest Weapons: Horns, Tusks and Antlers: Nat­u­ral World (S)


Sky 187 Vir­gin 208

12.15pm Fire Masters: BBQ Wars

1.10 Fire Masters: BBQ Wars 2.05 Fire Masters: BBQ Wars 3.05 Hoard­ers 5.00 Dance Moms. Se­ries fol­low­ing chil­dren’s early steps on the road to star­dom and the life of mums who are there for ev­ery re­hearsal. 6.00 Dance Moms 7.00 Dance Moms 8.00 Dance Moms 9.00 Dance Moms 10.00 PICK I Am El­iz­a­beth Smart. True-life thriller with Alana Bo­den, Skeet Ul­rich. 11.45 Lit­tle Women: LA 12.45am Lit­tle Women: LA 8.00 9.00 9.45 11.10

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