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(2019) 15 u 10PM, SKY PRE­MIERE HHH

A spin-off from cult hit The Big Le­bowski, this is a re­make of 1974 French com­edy Go­ing Places. John Tur­turro di­rects, and res­ur­rects his Le­bowski char­ac­ter, Je­sus Quin­tana.


Sky 301 Vir­gin 401

10am Play­ing With Fire (2019) PG ●

A crew of rugged fire­fight­ers meet their match when at­tempt­ing to res­cue three kids, es­pe­cially when they end up as their babysit­terrs. (S) 11.40 Judy (2019) 15 See 8pm.

1.40pm The Je­sus Rolls

(2019) 15 See 10pm.

Mother­less Brook­lyn

15 See 11.45pm.

5.45 Ter­mi­na­tor: Dark Fate

(2019) 15 Aug­mented hu­man Arnold Sch­warzeneg­ger and Linda Hamil­ton must stop an ad­vanced liq­uid Ter­mi­na­tor named Rev-9 from hunt­ing down a young girl in Mex­ico City, whose fate is crit­i­cal to the hu­man race. (S)

8.00 Judy (2019) 15 Judy Gar­land is em­broiled in a tug-of-war with hus­band Sid­ney Luft for cus­tody of their chil­dren. Crip­pled by debt, the show­biz leg­end re­luc­tantly agrees to a run of shows in Lon­don.

PICK The Je­sus Rolls

(2019) 15 u

11.45-2.15am Mother­less Brook­lyn 15 When his de­tec­tive men­tor is mur­dered, a sleuth be­comes de­ter­mined to un­mask his killer. 3.15


(2019) 15 4.10PM,


A sur­real, blackly comic ex­am­i­na­tion of mas­culin­ity. Jesse Eisen­berg’s mug­ging vic­tim learns karate from Alessan­dro Nivola’s sen­sei.


Sky 302 Vir­gin 402

7.40am The Lord of the

Rings: The Two Tow­ers

(2002) 12 See 5pm.

10.40 The Lord of the Rings:

The Re­turn of the King

(2003) 12 See 8pm.

2pm The Lord of the Rings:

The Fel­low­ship of the Ring (2001) PG ● See 11.30pm. (S)

5.00 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Tow­ers (2002) 12 Eli­jah Wood and Sean Astin’s quest to de­stroy the ring brings more peril when they come face to face with its for­mer owner.

The Lord of the Rings: The Re­turn of the King (2003) 12 As Eli­jah Wood and Sean Astin near the end of their jour­ney into the dark lands of Mor­dor to de­stroy the

One Ring, the evil Sau­ron un­leashes the full might of his armies on Mid­dle-earth. Mean­while, Viggo Mortensen must ful­fil his des­tiny.

11.30-2.30am The Lord of the Rings: The Fel­low­ship of the Ring (2001) PG ●

Unas­sum­ing hob­bit Eli­jah Wood must de­stroy a mag­i­cal ring be­fore it falls into Christo­pher Lee’s hands. (S) 8.00


u3.20 5.00 7.00


(1998) 15 u


Solid ac­tioner spun off from 1993’s The Fugi­tive (to­mor­row, 9pm). Tommy Lee Jones is back as Sam Ger­ard – now search­ing ev­ery ‘henhouse, out­house and dog­house’ for a new es­capee.


Sky 315 Vir­gin 415 (HD 416) 9am

Cat­tle Town (1952) U ●

A trou­bleshooter is sent to per­suade ranch­ers to leave the land that has been sold.

10.35 Ac­tion in the North At­lantic (1943) PG ● An Amer­i­can freighter faces the Ger­man

Navy as it trans­ports sup­plies to the Soviet Union dur­ing the Sec­ond World War.

1.15pm Canyon River (1956) U ●

A trail boss faces a tough cat­tle drive from Ore­gon to Wy­oming, fend­ing off at­tacks from rustlers, In­di­ans and col­leagues. Big Jake (1971) 15 Ban­dits at­tack a Texas ranch and kid­nap a boy, de­mand­ing a $1mil­lion ran­som. How­ever, they have reck­oned with­out the in­ter­ven­tion of the young­ster’s tough grand­fa­ther, who sets out on the trail with the aid of his two sons.

A Bridge Too Far (1977) PG ●

Fact-based drama recre­at­ing a Sec­ond World War cam­paign to cap­ture a se­ries of strate­gi­cally im­por­tant bridges. 9.00 PICK US Mar­shals (1998) 15 u

11.40-2.10am Quadrophe­nia (1979) 18 ▲ Teenage mod Phil Daniels has his naive out­look on the world shat­tered. 3.00 5.20



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