Daily Mail - Daily Mail Weekend Magazine : 2020-09-26

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DON’T MISS MONDAY’S EXCLUSIVE EXTRACT FROM RUPERT’S BOOK IN THE MAIL AT THE LIMIT weekend 6 way, I don’t think people of 61 should be talking about sex,’ he says, which is hilarious given that ship has already sailed. He survived what he calls ‘the other pandemic’, Aids, and draws parallels with Covid-19. ‘It was worse, in some ways, than this one. This one is hideous, but everyone is supportive,’ he says. ‘We had hatred. Even people who liked you were afraid if you were gay. If you went to dinner with a family who had kids, you’d see people washing your plates aside from everyone else’s. There is no stigma with Covid, and the stigma with Aids was as lethal as the disease.’ He’s bemused though by ‘this new puritanism’ among millennial­s. ‘It’s the opposite to when we were young, so you feel you are dying, in a way. But that’s how it should be. Everyone has their turn on the stage, and now it’s this generation’s turn. If they want a boring life, they can have it. Ours was more a rough and ready, rumpy-pumpy world.’ We can conclude then that his relation- Continued from page 5 Rupert with his dog Pluto ship with Henrique – which is now 11 years old – has taken him by surprise. ‘Yes, I think it has. It isn’t what I imagined.’ What sort of relationsh­ip did the 18-year-old Rupert think was in store for him? He laughs. ‘In my 20s, 30s, I thought it would be cinematic. I think we all did in the 70s. We were raised on Montgomery Clift. We thought it’d be all about the suffering. You the suffering. You wanted it to be as hard as possible, to throw yourself in, to be killed for it.’ Contentmen­t is different? ‘Very. It’s about comfort, affection, all the things you thought would be claustroph­obic but are nice.’ wanted n To The End Of The World: Travels With Oscar Wilde by Rupert Everett is published on 8 October by Little Brown, £20. To order a copy for £17, go to mailshop.co.uk/books or call 020 3308 9193 (offer valid to 10/10/20, p&p free). Adult Material begins on Channel 4 early next month. A F1 engine lasts only seven races (Race To Perfection, tonight, 9pm, Sky Documentar­ies) n