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Sky 113 Vir­gin 122 (HD 121)

8am Every­body­hateschris

9.00 Parks and Recre­ation

Di­vorce 10.35 30Rock(s) The Mindypro­ject(s) 1.30 Mod­ern Fam­ily (S) 2.30 Every­body­hateschris 3.30 Parks and Recre­ation 5.00 30Rock

6.00 30 Rock (S)

6.30 Mod­ern Fam­ily (S)

7.00 Mod­ern Fam­ily (S)

7.30 The Mindy Project (S)

8.00 The Mindy Project

Danny and Mindy can­not agree on a birthing plan. (S)

The Mindy Project Mindy liven­supher­ma­ter­nityleave.

NEW Pen15 New se­ries.

Two days af­ter the dance, Mayaan­dannare­luc­tantly go to a pool party.

NEW A.P. Bio New se­ries. When bud­get cuts put Jack’s job in jeop­ardy, he recruits Mary, Stef, and Michelle to take down the su­per­in­ten­dent.

10.05 NEW Last Week Tonight with John Oliver A satir­i­cal lookat­newsand­pop­cul­ture.

10.40 Our Car­toon Pres­i­dent 11.20 Satur­day Night Live 12.50am En­tourage (S) 1.30 Girls


Sky 132 Vir­gin 126 (HD 226)

1pm New Tricks (S) 2.00 My Life Is Mur­der (S) 3.00 Mur­doch Mys­ter­ies (S) 4.00 Mur­doch Mys­ter­ies (S) 5.00 Ma­jor Crimes (S) 6.00 Ma­jor Crimes (S) 7.00 Father Brown. A per­for­mance troupe of an­ar­chists ar­rive in Kem­ble­ford. (S) 8.00 Death in­par­adise.parttwooft­wo.tragedy strikes close to home for the team. (S) 9.00 PICK Evil 10.00 Why Women Kill 11.05 Why Women Kill 12.10am Shake­speare & Hath­away – Pri­vate In­ves­ti­ga­tors (S)


Sky 152 Vir­gin 138 (HD 137)

1pm Mer­lin 2.00 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 3.00 Star Trek: Voy­ager 4.00 Star­gate At­lantis 5.00 Star­gate SG-1 6.00 Star Trek: The Next Gen­er­a­tion 7.00 Ware­house 13

8.00 Mer­lin. Mor­gana re­veals Arthur and Gwen’s courtship to Uther. 9.00 The Out­post. As the Out­post is be­sieged, its most wanted pris­oner plans an es­cape. 10.00 The Out­post 11.00 FILM Me­ga­lodon (2018) 15 ◆ Thriller, star­ring Michael Mad­sen.

1am Star Trek: The Next Gen­er­a­tion


Free­view 91 Freesat 155 Sky 174 Vir­gin 273

1pm Bri­tain’s Great­est Gen­er­a­tion (S) 2.20 The First World War 3.20 The Man Who Tried to Feed the World 4.35 Jazz 5.50 Bri­tain’s Great­est Gen­er­a­tion 7.10 The Plan­ta­genets. The story of Eng­land’s long­est-rul­ing royal dy­nasty, be­gin­ning with how Henry II forged an em­pire in 1154. (S) 8.30 Chivalry and Be­trayal: The Hun­dred Years War. Ex­plor­ing the con­flict be­tween Eng­land and France. (S) 9.40 Jazz. The de­creas­ing pop­u­lar­ity of jazz in the 1960s. 9.00 11.00 11.30

10.00 12noon

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