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F/X: MUR­DER BY IL­LU­SION (1986) 15


This nifty lit­tle ac­tioner plays out sur­pris­ingly bet­ter than the ti­tle would sug­gest. Bryan Brown is the unas­sum­ing hero, a movie spe­cial ef­fects ex­pert who finds him­self caught up with the wrong sort of peo­ple, and us­ing his box of tricks to es­cape.



Sky 106 Vir­gin 110 (HD 109)

An­i­mal 999 (S) 9.00 Road Wars (S) 10.00 Air Am­bu­lance ER (S) 11.00 NCIS: Los An­ge­les (S) 1pm Hawaii Five-0 (S) 3.00 High­way Pa­trol (S) 4.00 Mod­ern Fam­ily (S) The Simp­sons (S)

5.30 Fu­tu­rama (S)

6.00 Fu­tu­rama Mo­bius Dick. (S)

6.30 The Simp­sons

The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star. (S)

7.00 The Simp­sons

Be­yond Blun­der­dome. (S)

7.30 The Simp­sons

Brother’s Lit­tle Helper. (S)

8.00 S.W.A.T. Episode 11/21. Se­ries 3. Street’s fos­ter brother Nate is caught in a crim­i­nal en­ter­prise.

9.00 An Id­iot Abroad 2 Karl Pilk­ing­ton vis­its places on his ‘bucket list’, be­gin­ning with a trip to the South Pa­cific (S)

10.00 NEW Two Weeks to Live

Beth in­ad­ver­tently leads Brooks and Thomp­son to the hide­out. Last in se­ries. (S)

10.30 A League of Their Own 11.30 The Rus­sell Howard Hour 12.30am The Force: Es­sex (S)


Sky 129 Vir­gin 266 (HD 268)

12noon Car S.O.S (S) 2.00 Hitler’s U-boats: Drain­ing the Ocean 3.00 WW2: Hell Un­der the Sea 4.00 Air Crash In­ves­ti­ga­tion 5.00 Air Crash In­ves­ti­ga­tion (S) 6.00 Food Fac­tory (S) 6.30 Food Fac­tory (S) 7.00 Food Fac­tory (S) 7.30 Food Fac­tory (S) 8.00 In­dia From Above 9.00 NEW

Gor­don Ramsay: Un­charted 10.00

Run­ning Wild with Bear Grylls (S) 11.00 Air Crash In­ves­ti­ga­tion: Spe­cial Report 12mid­night Banged Up Abroad: Crime & Pun­ish­ment


Sky 166 Vir­gin 245 (HD 247)

12noon Planet Earth (S) 1.00 Col­lar of Duty (S) 1.30 Col­lar of Duty (S)

2.00 Earth’s Nat­u­ral Won­ders (S)

3.00 Wild Colom­bia with Nigel Mar­ven (S) 4.00 Wild Caribbean (S) 5.00 Planet Earth (S) 6.00 Earth’s Nat­u­ral Won­ders (S) 7.00 Na­ture’s Mir­a­cle Or­phans (S) 8.00 Planet Earth (S) 9.00 Wild Caribbean (S)

10.00 The Brain with David Ea­gle­man (S) 11.00 Planet Earth (S)

12mid­night Col­lar of Duty (S)

1.00 Na­ture’s Mir­a­cle Or­phans (S)


Sky 187 Vir­gin 208

11.45am Flip­ping Ve­gas 12.40pm Prop­erty Vir­gins 1.10 Pawn Stars 1.35 Pawn Stars 2.05 Stor­age Wars 2.35 Stor­age Wars 3.05 Hard­core Pawn 3.35 Hard­core Pawn 4.00 Dance Moms 5.00 Flip­ping Vir­gins 6.00 Flip­ping Ve­gas 7.00 Mar­ry­ing Mil­lions 8.00 19 Kids & Out­num­bered: Bring­ing Up Bates 8.30 19 Kids & Out­num­bered: Bring­ing Up Bates 9.00 X Com­pany 10.00 Stor­age Wars 10.55 Hard­core Pawn 11.50 Pawn Stars 12.20am Pawn Stars


10PM, SKY ARTS ★★★★

When he was young, Les Daw­son moved to Paris to be a writer, but wound up play­ing pi­ano in a brothel. Sky’s re­turn­ing com­edy an­thol­ogy takes that story and gen­tly un­rolls it, with Game Of Thrones’ John Bradley as a vul­ner­a­ble Daw­son (left), and Steve Pemberton as a wise stranger. RW


Sky 309 Vir­gin 408

8.35am In­stant Fam­ily (2018) 12 u

See 6pm. (S)

10.35 Good Morn­ing, Viet­nam

(1987) 15 u

12.40pm The Dead Don’t Die

(2019) 15 See 9.35pm. (S) 2.25 Sis­ter Act (1992) PG ●

Singer Whoopi Gold­berg is sent to live in a con­vent af­ter agree­ing to tes­tify against a bru­tal gang­ster. (S)

Sis­ter Act 2: Back in the Habit (1993) PG ● Singer Whoopi Gold­berg joins the or­der again to help save a Catholic school. (S)

In­stant Fam­ily (2018) 12 u

Couple Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne de­cide to adopt, but get more than they bar­gained for when they take in a re­bel­lious teen. (S)

PICK Happy Gilmore

(1996) 12 (S)

The Dead Don’t Die (2019) 15 The town of Cen­ter­ville bat­tle a zom­bie horde. (S) 11.25 Adam (2019) Teenager Ni­cholas Alexan­der is thrust into New York’s les­bian and trans ac­tivist scene. (S)

1.05am-3.10 Good Morn­ing,

Viet­nam (1987) 15

uuuu4.25 6.20 8.00 9.50 11.30

lives. The fires also de­stroyed the habi­tats of wildlife, af­fect­ing three bil­lion crea­tures. Tire­less vol­un­teers de­vote them­selves to healing, feed­ing and shel­ter­ing the trau­ma­tised an­i­mals that sur­vived. Peter Had­field re­ports on their work, and hears about the grim af­ter­math of the fires.


11.15PM, RA­DIO 4 HHHH

One of the worst mo­ments of Ben­jamin Zepha­niah’s life was ap­pear­ing on Celebrity Mas­ter­mind – he did it for char­ity, but had to an­swer ques­tions on the his­tory of reg­gae, not his cho­sen sub­ject. Ben­jamin re­lives the dread­ful ex­pe­ri­ence in this late-night talk in the dark, with Peter Cur­ran and Pa­trick Mar­ber. It’s great ra­dio, but be aware, the con­ver­sa­tion gets pretty frank at times. SJ

102 (AD)

ITV+1 HD 33 103



Trauma team leader Julie Nor­ton cares for crit­i­cally ill peo­ple at the Royal Stoke



Peppa Pig (R) 6.05 Peppa Pig (R) 6.10 Peppa Pig (R) 6.15

Mya Go (R)(HD) 6.20 Noddy: Toy­land De­tec­tive (R) 6.35 Fire­man Sam (R)(HD) 6.45 Thomas & Friends (R)(HD)

6.55 Abby Hatcher (R)(HD)

7.10 Paw Pa­trol (R)(HD) 7.25 Peppa Pig (R) 7.30 Peppa Pig (R)(HD) 7.40 Ricky Zoom (HD)

8.00 Pi­rata & Cap­i­tano (R)(HD) 8.15 Paw Pa­trol (R)(HD) 8.30 The Ad­ven­tures of Padding­ton (HD) 8.45 Daisy & Ol­lie (R)(HD)

8.50Shanethe­chef (R)(HD)

Sunny Bun­nies (R)(HD)

Jeremy Vine (HD)

Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away! High Court agents at work. (R)(HD)

5 News at Lunchtime (HD)

Po­lice In­ter­cep­tors (R)(HD)

Ac­cess Show­biz news. (HD)

Home­an­d­away Justin strug­gles to hide the truth about his health from Ava. (R)(HD)(AD)

Neigh­bours Sheila tam­pers with Levi’s test re­sults. (HD)(AD)

FILM Tempt­ing Fate (2019) PG Ro­man­tic drama, star­ring Alyssa Mi­lano. See Movie Choice. (HD)

Friends (R)(HD)

Friends (R)(HD)

5 News at 5 (HD)

Neigh­bours (R)(HD)(AD)

Home­an­d­away (R)(HD)(AD)

5 News Tonight (HD)

Aldi vs Lidl: Su­per­mar­ket Wars A look a the suc­cess of the two Ger­man-owned su­per­mar­ket chains. (R); 5 News Up­date

GPS: Be­hind Closed Doors

Young mother Farheena, who is suf­fer­ing from a long-term lung in­fec­tion, col­lapses half­way through an ap­point­ment. (HD)(AD); 5 News Up­date

999: Crit­i­cal Con­di­tion Ian is rushed in af­ter suf­fer­ing a car­diac ar­rest, and Ken ends up with life-threat­en­ing in­juries af­ter fall­ing from a roof.(hd)

Part 2/3. The spe­cial­ist clinic opens its doors to pa­tients with acne, pso­ri­a­sis and cysts. (HD)

FILM John Wick: Chap­ter 2 (2017) 15 When an Ital­ian crime lord holds him to a blood oath, hit man John Wick goes on an­other mur­der­ous rampage. Ac­tion se­quel, star­ring Keanu Reeves. (HD)

The 21.co.uk Live Casino Show In­ter­ac­tive gambling. (HD)

Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away! High Court agents at work. (R)(HD)

Chan­nel 5+1 Chan­nel 5 HD 5Select

u54 44


(R)(HD)(BSL) (R)(HD)(BSL) (R)(HD)(BSL) (R)(HD)(BSL) 128 205 155 105

153 105 133 105 152


Sky 106 Vir­gin 110 (HD 109)

8am An­i­mal 999 (S) 9.00 Road Wars (S) 10.00 Air Am­bu­lance ER

(S) 11.00 NCIS: Los An­ge­les (S)

1pm Hawaii Five-0 (S) 3.00 High­way Pa­trol (S) 4.00 Mod­ern Fam­ily (S)

5.00 The Simp­sons (S)

5.30 Fu­tu­rama (S)

6.00 Fu­tu­rama

The Tip of the Zoid­berg. (S)

6.30 The Simp­sons Guess Who’s

Com­ing to Crit­i­cise Din­ner. (S)

7.00 The Simp­sons E-i-e-i(an­noyed Grunt). (S)

7.30 The Simp­sons

Hello Gut­ter, Hello Fad­der. (S)

8.00 Rob & Romesh vs An­thony Joshua Re­vis­ited Romesh Ran­ganathan and Rob Beck­ett meet the boxer. (S)

NEW A League of Their Own With guests Ally Mc­coist, Josh Wid­di­combe, Alex

Brooker and Laura Woods.

10.00 NEW The Rus­sell Howard Hour Top­i­cal com­edy and en­ter­tain­ment show.

11.00 Brave New World (S)

12.05am The Force: Es­sex (S)

1.05 The Late Late Show with

James Cor­den: Best of the Week 9.00


Sky 129 Vir­gin 266 (HD 268)

12noon Car S.O.S (S) 1.00 Car S.O.S (S) 2.00 Drain the Oceans (S)

3.00 WW2: Hell Un­der the Sea (S)

4.00 Air Crash In­ves­ti­ga­tion (S) 5.00 May­day (S) 6.00 Drain the Oceans 7.00 Made in a Day (S)

7.30 Made in a Day (S) 8.00

Food Fac­tory 8.30 Food Fac­tory

9.00 Gor­don Ramsay: Un­charted

10.00 Lost Cities with Al­bert Lin (S)

11.00 Air Crash In­ves­ti­ga­tion: Spe­cial Report 12mid­night Banged Up Abroad: Crime & Pun­ish­ment


Sky 166 Vir­gin 245 (HD 247)

12noon Planet Earth (S) 1.00 Col­lar of Duty (S) 1.30 Col­lar of Duty (S) 2.00 Gala­pa­gos (S) 3.00 Wild Caribbean (S) 4.00 Wild Caribbean (S) 5.00 Planet Earth (S) 6.00 Gala­pa­gos (S) 7.00 Na­ture’s Mir­a­cle Or­phans (S) 8.00 Planet Earth (S) 9.00 Wild Caribbean. The coral and ship­wrecks around the trop­i­cal is­lands. (S) 10.00 The Brain with David Ea­gle­man (S) 11.00 Planet Earth (S) 12mid­night Col­lar of Duty (S) 1.00 Na­ture’s Mir­a­cle Or­phans


Sky 187 Vir­gin 208

12.40pm Prop­erty Vir­gins 1.10 Pawn Stars 1.35 Pawn Stars 2.05 Stor­age Wars 2.35 Stor­age Wars 3.05 Hard­core Pawn 3.35 Hard­core Pawn 4.00 Dance Moms 5.00 Flip­ping Vir­gins 6.00 Flip­ping Ve­gas 7.00 Mar­ry­ing Mil­lions 8.00 19 Kids & Out­num­bered: Bring­ing Up Bates 8.30 19 Kids & Out­num­bered: Bring­ing Up Bates 9.00 Vik­ings 10.00 Stor­age Wars 10.30 Stor­age Wars 10.55 Hard­core Pawn 11.50 Pawn Stars 12.20am Pawn Stars


FV 9 (Scot­land 68) Freesat 173 Sky 116 Vir­gin 107

A Gar­den in Snow­do­nia Head gar­dener Troy Scott

Smith plans a win­ter-themed dis­play. Last in se­ries. (S)

NEW The Joy of Paint­ing

A snowy moun­tain range sur­round­ing a small cabin. (S)

FILM The Searchers (1956)

● An Amer­i­can Civil War vet­eran searches for his niece, who has been ab­ducted by a rene­gade Co­manche tribe. John Ford’s Western, with John Wayne and Natalie Wood. (S)

How the Wild West Was Won with Ray Mears

Episode 1/3. How the

Amer­i­can wilder­ness shaped the Wild West. (S)

10.55 Clas­sic Al­bums: Tears for Fears – Songs from the Big Chair The cre­ation of the band’s ac­claimed sec­ond al­bum. (S)

David Strat­ton’s Sto­ries of Aus­tralian Cin­ema How vari­a­tions on the theme of fam­ily are de­picted in Aus­tralian movie-mak­ing. Last in se­ries. (S)

12.55am The Joy of Paint­ing (S)

1.25 A Gar­den in Snow­do­nia (S) 7.30 8.00 9.55 11.55


UFree­view 13 Freesat 122 Sky 135 Vir­gin 106 (HD 145)

12noon Young Shel­don (S) 1.00 The Big Bang The­ory (S) 2.00 NEW Man with a Plan (S) 3.00 The Gold­bergs (S) 4.00 Brook­lyn Nine-nine (S) 5.00 Young Shel­don (S) 6.00

The Big Bang The­ory (S) 7.00 NEW Hol­lyoaks (S) 7.30 The Gold­bergs (S) 8.00 Brook­lyn Nine-nine (S) 9.00 The In­be­tween­ers (S) 9.30 The In­be­tween­ers (S) 10.00 Derry Girls (S) 10.30 Derry Girls (S) 11.00 Buffy the Vam­pire Slayer (S) 12mid­night An­gel (S) 1.00 Rick and Morty (S)


Free­view 30 Freesat 131 Sky 128 Vir­gin 151

11.05am Night­mare Ten­ants, Slum Land­lords (S) 12.05pm Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away! (S) 4.00 Po­lice In­ter­cep­tors (S) 6.00 Neigh­bours (S) 6.30 NEW Home and Away (S) 7.00 The All-in­clu­sive: How Do They Do It – and Should You? 8.00 Hoard­ers: Stock­pile Avalanche (S) 9.00 NEW Rich Kids, Skint Hol­i­day (S) 10.00 FILM Scary Movie 3 (2003) 15 Spoof hor­ror movie, with Anna Faris. In­cludes Ac­cess. (S) 11.45 Mur­der by My Fi­ancé (S) 12.45am Went­worth Prison (S)


uFree­view 201 Freesat 607 Sky 613 Vir­gin 701

12.05pm The Next Step 2.00 Hey

You What If? 2.05 Mys­tic 2.30 Malory Tow­ers 3.00 Dan­ger Mouse 3.10

Diddy TV 3.20 Scream Street 3.35 She-ra 3.55 Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese 4.10 Odd Squad 4.20 Danny & Mick 4.35 The Pets Fac­tor 5.00 NEW So Awk­ward 5.30 NEW Blue Peter 6.00 Dragons: Race to the Edge 6.20 Op­er­a­tion Ouch! 6.50 Nine Minute Ninja 7.00 Hor­ri­ble His­to­ries 7.25

Blue Peter 7.55 The Dump­ing Ground 8.25 So Awk­ward 8.55 Lifebab­ble



Free­view 6 Freesat 113 Sky 118 Vir­gin 115 (HD 176)

8am Emmerdale (S) 8.30 Coronation Street (S) 9.25 Su­per­store (S) 10.25 Dress to Im­press (S) 11.25 Din­ner Date (S) 12.25pm Emmerdale (S) 12.55 Coronation Street (S) 2.00 NEW The Ellen De­generes Show (S) 2.55 Ellen’s Game of Games (S) 3.50 The Masked Singer US (S) 4.55 Dress to Im­press

6.00 Take­me­out (S)

7.00 You’ve Been Framed! (S)

8.00 Twoan­da­half­men Part two of two. The ques­tion of whether Char­lie Harper is re­ally dead is fi­nally an­swered. (S)

8.30 Twoan­da­half­men

Alan and Jake meet in­ter­net bil­lion­aire Walden Sch­midt (Ash­ton Kutcher). (S)

9.00 NEW Love Is­land USA

US ver­sion of the hit re­al­ity show. (S)

10.00 Fam­ily Guy Episode 4/20.

Se­ries 17. (S)

10.30 Fam­ily Guy Episode 10/20.

Se­ries 16. (S)

10.55 Fam­ily Guy Episode 16/20.

Se­ries 16. (S)

11.25 Amer­i­can Dad! (S)

11.55 Amer­i­can Dad! (S)

12.25am Hey Tracey! (S)


Free­view 26 Freesat 118 Sky 131 Vir­gin 119 (HD 179)

12.25pm The Real Housewives of Dal­las (S) 1.25 The Real Housewives of Cheshire (S) 2.25 The Only Way Is Es­sex (S) 3.10 Lit­tle Women: LA (S)

4.05 The Real Housewives of At­lanta (S) 5.00 The Real Housewives of Orange County (S) 6.00 Mas­ters of Flip (S) 7.00 Buy­ing and Sell­ing (S)

8.00 Celebrity Din­ner Date (S)

9.00 NEW Sam and Bil­lie: Mummy Diaries (S) 10.00 NEW Van­der­pump Rules (S) 11.00 Bridezil­las (S)

11.55 The Only Way Is Es­sex (S)


Free­view 21 Freesat 129 Sky 141 Vir­gin 153

11.05am Law & Or­der (S) 12.05pm NCIS 1.05 NCIS 2.05 Law & Or­der (S) 3.10 Law & Or­der (S) 4.05 Law& Or­der (S) 5.05 NCIS 6.00 NCIS 7.00 NCIS (S) 8.00 NCIS (S) 9.00 NEW

Law & Or­der: Spe­cial Vic­tims Unit. Part two of two. ADA Stone blames him­self for the shock­ing ver­dict in Sam’s case. 10.00 Law & Or­der: Spe­cial Vic­tims Unit (S) 10.55 Law & Or­der: Spe­cial Vic­tims Unit (S) 11.55 Law & Or­der: Spe­cial Vic­tims Unit (S) 12.50am

Law & Or­der: Spe­cial Vic­tims Unit (S)


Free­view 202 Freesat 608 Sky 614 Vir­gin 702

12.30pm Katie Morag 12.45 Melody 1.15 Num­berblocks 1.30 Messy Goes to OKIDO 1.45 Some­thing Spe­cial 2.05 Tele­tub­bies 2.25 Dog Loves Books 2.35 Vet Tales 2.50 Our Fam­ily 3.00 Do You Know? 3.15 Swash­buckle 3.45 Peter Rab­bit 4.05 NEW Amaz­ing Ma­chines 4.20 Di­nosaur Ad­ven­tures 4.35 Bitz & Bob 4.45 Go Jet­ters 5.00 Gig­gle­quiz 5.15 Waffle 5.25 Jojo& Gran Gran 5.45 Moon and Me 6.10 Clangers 6.20 In the Night Gar­den 6.50 Cbeebies Bed­time Sto­ries


Free­view 10 Freesat 115 Sky 119 Vir­gin 117 (HD 177)

Heart­beat (S) 8.55 Man About the House (S) 9.30 Man About the House (S) 10.05 Ge­orge and Mil­dred (S) 10.40 A Touch of Frost (S) 12.40pm Heart­beat (S) 1.45 Clas­sic Emmerdale (S) 2.15 Clas­sic Emmerdale (S) 2.50 Clas­sic Coronation Street (S)

3.20 Clas­sic Coronation Street (S)

3.55 Mid­somer Mur­ders (S)

6.00 A Touch of Frost

One Man’s Meat. (S)

8.00 Lewis Down Among the Fear­ful. Fol­low­ing the mur­der of a psy­chol­o­gist who was moon­light­ing as a psy­chic,

Lewis strug­gles to un­ravel the vic­tim’s baf­fling dou­ble life. (S)

10.00 DCI Banks Part two of two. With Ge­off now a marked man, he and Evie are put un­der watch at a ho­tel while the search for Mullen is widened, but the sus­pect man­ages to draw them out­side.

11.00 Agatha Christie’s Poirot The Dou­ble Clue. Hast­ings and Miss Le­mon do most of the de­tec­tive work when Poirot falls for Count­ess Vera Ros­sakoff, the chief sus­pect in a se­ries of jewel thefts. With Kika Markham. (S)

12.05am A Touch of Frost (S)


Free­view 34 Freesat 144 Sky 159 Vir­gin 165

12noon Po­lice Ten 7 (S) 12.30 NEW Po­lice Ten 7 1.00 Brit Cops: Law & Dis­or­der (S) 2.00 Bor­der Pa­trol (S) 3.00 Noth­ing to De­clare (S) 4.00 Bor­der Se­cu­rity: Amer­ica’s Front Line (S) 5.00 UK Bor­der Force (S) 6.00 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 7.00 Ghost Whis­perer (S) 8.00 The Good Doc­tor. Shaun’s at­ten­tion to de­tail com­pli­cates his first day at Hos­pi­tal. (S) 9.00 PICK Magnum P.I. (S) 10.00 Killer in My Vil­lage (S) 11.00 The Force: North East (S) 12mn’t Brit Cops: Rapid Re­sponse


Free­view 31 Freesat 132 Sky 150 Vir­gin 187

11.10am The A-team 12.10pm FILM The Deadly Com­pan­ions (1961) PG ● Sam Peck­in­pah Western, star­ring Brian Keith. In­cludes Ac­cess. 2.20 FILM Gun­smoke (1953) U ● Western, star­ring Audie Mur­phy. In­cludes Ac­cess. 4.00 The ATeam 5.00 The A-team 6.00 Traf­fic Cops (S) 7.00 Po­lice In­ter­cep­tors (S) 8.00 Po­lice In­ter­cep­tors (S) 9.00

NEW Sew­er­men (S) 10.00 Red

Ar­rows Take Amer­ica (S) 11.00 In­side the Force: Ire­land (S) 12mid­night Air­port Se­cu­rity: Peru 1.00 Knight Rider


Free­view 19 Freesat 157 Sky 111 Vir­gin 127 (HD 227)

12noon Red Bull Soap­box Race

1.00 Top Gear (S) 2.00 Top Gear (S)

3.00 Rick Stein’s Long Week­ends (S) 4.00 Top Gear (S) 5.00 Top Gear (S)

6.00 James May’s Cars of the Peo­ple (S) 7.00 Richard Os­man’s House of Games (S) 7.40 Would I Lie to You? (S)

8.20 Would I Lie to You? (S)

9.00 QI XL. With guests Miles Jupp, Deirdre O’kane and Phill Jupi­tus. (S) 10.00 Live at the Apollo (S) 11.00 Taskmas­ter (S) 12mid­night Have

I Got a Bit More Old News for You (S)


Free­view 24 Freesat 117 Sky 120 Vir­gin 118 (HD 178)

7.30am The Casebook of Sher­lock Holmes (S) 8.35 The Avengers (S) 9.45 Min­der (S) 10.50 The Pro­fes­sion­als (S) 11.50 The Sweeney (S) 12.55pm The Pro­tec­tors (S) 1.30 French Open Tennis: Roland-gar­ros Live. John In­verdale presents cov­er­age of the women’s sin­gles semi-fi­nals. (S)

7.00 Ten­able Quiz hosted by War­wick Davis in which a team of five old school friends an­swer ques­tions about top-ten lists, then try to score a per­fect ten in the fi­nal round. (S)

Mr Bean An ori­en­ta­tion day gives Mr Bean a chance to re­visit his school days.

Mr Bean Rowan Atkin­son’s comic al­ter ego vis­its the laun­derette, man­ag­ing to lose his trousers, then treats him­self to a chaotic game of crazy golf.

An Au­di­ence with Billy Con­nolly The co­me­dian en­ter­tains a celebrity crowd. (S) FILM Face/off (1997) 18 s Ac­tion thriller, star­ring John Tra­volta and Ni­co­las Cage. In­cludes FYI Daily. (S)

12.55am Min­der (S) 8.00 8.35 9.05 10.10


Free­view 20 Freesat 158 Sky 143 Vir­gin 130

12noon The Bill (S) 1.00 Clas­sic Eastenders 2.15 Doc­tor Fin­lay (S)

3.20 Peak Prac­tice 4.20 All Crea­tures Great and Small (S) 5.25 Fresh Fields 6.00 Wait­ing for God (S) 6.40 ’Allo ’Allo! 7.20 Last of the Sum­mer Wine. A lo­cal ad­ven­turer comes un­stuck. (S) 8.00 Wal­lan­der. A friend asks the de­tec­tive to in­ves­ti­gate his father’s death. (S) 10.00 New Tricks. Gerry and Steve in­ves­ti­gate the un­solved mur­der of a bookie in Glas­gow. (S) 11.20 Spooks 12.40am Silent Wit­ness (S)


Free­view 48 Freesat 142 Sky 157 Vir­gin 189

12noon Due South 1.00 Mur­der, She Wrote 2.00 Sue Thomas: F.B.EYE 3.00 Hart to Hart 4.00 Mur­der, She Wrote 5.00 Mur­der, She Wrote 6.00 Mur­der, She Wrote 7.00 M*A*S*H 7.30 M*A*S*H 8.00 Ran­dall and Hop­kirk (De­ceased). A big-time crook threat­ens Jeff. 9.00 Clas­sic Who Wants to Be a Mil­lion­aire? 10.00 Clas­sic Who Wants to Be a Mil­lion­aire? 11.00 Clas­sic Who Wants to Be a Mil­lion­aire? 12mid­night Clas­sic

Who Wants to Be a Mil­lion­aire?


Free­view 17 Freesat 160 Sky 142 Vir­gin 128

12noon Money for Noth­ing (S)

1.00 Sal­vage Hun­ters (S)

2.00 NEW An­i­mal Cops Philadel­phia (S) 3.00 NEW An­i­mal Cops Philadel­phia (S) 4.00 An­i­mal Cops Hous­ton (S) 5.00 Am­bu­lance (S) 6.00 Money for Noth­ing (S) 7.00 An­tiques Road Trip (S) 8.00 An­tiques Road Trip (S) 9.00 Haunted Towns (S) 10.00 NEW Para­nor­mal Lock­down with Nick Groff (S) 11.00 Ghost Bait (S) 11.30 Ghost Bait (S)

12mid­night NEW Ghost Ad­ven­tures


s Par­tic­u­larly


Free­view 18 Freesat 124 Sky 136 Vir­gin 147 (HD 195)

8.55am Kirstie’s Hand­made Trea­sures (S) 9.15 A Place in the Sun (S)

10.05 Find It, Fix It, Flog It (S)

12.05pm Es­cape to the Chateau (S)

1.10 Build­ing the Dream (S)

2.15 Four in a Bed (S) 4.55 The

Se­cret Life of the Zoo (S) 5.55

Kirstie and Phil’s Love It or List It (S)

6.55 Es­cape to the Chateau

Dick and An­gel look ahead to wed­ding sea­son. (S)

Grand De­signs Kevin Mc­cloud re­vis­its a project un­der­taken by a couple who moved from Brighton to Brit­tany to cre­ate an earth-shel­tered home built from re­cy­cled ma­te­ri­als. (S)

A Year in the New For­est

The chal­lenges faced by peo­ple and an­i­mals in the spring. (S)

10.00 24 Hours in A&E Cam­eras fol­low Lawrence, 26, who is rushed to St Ge­orge’s af­ter be­ing hit by a car while cross­ing the road on a night out in East­bourne. (S)

8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown With Vic Reeves and Sara Pas­coe. (S)

12.10am Father Ted (S) 7.55 9.00 11.05


Free­view 25 Freesat 159 Sky 155 Vir­gin 129

12noon Great Bri­tish Rail­way Jour­neys 1.00 An­tiques Road­show (S) 2.00 Time Team (S) 3.00 Im­pos­si­ble En­gi­neer­ing (S) 5.00 Nazi Mur­der Mys­ter­ies (S) 6.00 True Evil: The Mak­ing of a Nazi 7.00 Great Bri­tish Rail­way Jour­neys 7.30 Great Bri­tish Rail­way Jour­neys Goes to Ire­land

8.00 PICK Adolf Hitler’s War

9.00 Bangers and Cash (S)

10.00 The World at War (S)

11.00 Aban­doned En­gi­neer­ing (S)

12mn’t True Evil: The Mak­ing of a Nazi


Free­view 12 Freesat 172 Sky 144 Vir­gin 169

12noon Mega Ship­pers (S) 1.00 Gold Divers (S) 2.00 Scrap Kings (S) 3.00 Com­bat Deal­ers (S) 4.00 Sal­vage Hun­ters (S) 5.00 Out­back Truck­ers (S) 6.00 Wheeler Deal­ers (S) 7.00 NEW Giro D’italia High­lights 2020. The 2020 Giro D’italia cy­cling Grand Tour. 8.00 Sal­vage Hun­ters (S)

9.00 Wheeler Deal­ers (S) 10.00 Iron Res­ur­rec­tion (S) 11.00 NEW Bri­tish Su­per­bikes. Round 5 of the Bri­tish Su­per­bikes Cham­pi­onships. 12mid­night Wheeler Deal­ers (S)


Free­view 46 Freesat 146 Sky 160 Vir­gin 164

12noon Wheel of For­tune (S) 12.30 Wheel of For­tune 1.00 Catch­phrase (S) 1.30 Catch­phrase (S) 2.00 Fam­ily For­tunes (S) 2.30 Fam­ily For­tunes (S) 3.00 Bruce’s Price Is Right (S) 3.30 Bruce’s Price Is Right (S) 4.00 The Chase (S) 5.00 Weak­est Link 6.00 Pointless (S) 7.00 The Chase (S) 8.00 The Chase. Quiz show. (S)

9.00 The Chase 10.00 Clas­sic Who Wants to Be a Mil­lion­aire? (S) 11.00 Bulls­eye (S) 11.30 Bulls­eye (S) 12mid­night The Chase (S)


Sky 416 Vir­gin 520 (HD 510)

1pm World Match­play Darts 3.00 My Icon (S) 4.00 Sport­ing Greats (S) 4.30 Off The Court 5.00 Fit In 5: Mel & Marvin: Car­dio (S) 5.10 Fit In 5: Mel & Marvin: Legs & Arms (S)

5.20 Su­per League Gold (S)

5.25 LIVE Su­per League Cov­er­age of a cru­cial game.

LIVE Su­per League Cov­er­age of a cru­cial game.

10.00 Su­per League High­lights 12mid­night World Match­play Darts 7.45


Sky 401 Vir­gin 511 (HD 501)

11am The Foot­ball Show

11.30 LIVE Euro­pean Tour Golf. The BMW PGA Cham­pi­onship.

5.45pm LIVE LPGA Tour Golf The KPMG Women’s

PGA Cham­pi­onship.

LIVE Euro 2020 Qual­i­fiers Scot­land v Is­rael (Kick-off 7.45pm).

LIVE PGA Tour Golf The Shriners Hos­pi­tals for Chil­dren Open.

1am LIVE NFL. Chicago Bears v Tampa Bay Buc­ca­neers. 7.00 10.15


Sky 402 Vir­gin 512 (HD 502)

1pm Premier League Years (S)

3.00 Best PL Goals 93/94 (S)

4.00 PL Great­est Games (S)

5.00 Premier League 100 Club (S)

6.00 PL Leg­ends (S)

7.00 Premier League World 7.30 Premier League Icons (S)

8.00 Gary Neville’s Soc­cer­box 9.00 Premier League World 9.30 PL Leg­ends (S)

10.00 Premier League Icons (S)

10.30 PL Retro (S)

12.30am Premier League Icons (S)


Sky 403 Vir­gin 513 (HD 503)

12noon EFL Great­est Games

12.45 SPFL Great­est Games

1.00 Foot­ball’s Great­est Play­ers (S) 1.30 Foot­ball Count­downs (S) 2.00 Foot­ball Years (S) 2.30 Euro 2020 Qual­i­fiers Pre­view Show 3.00 One2eleven – Paul Gas­coigne (S)

3.25 Euro 2020 Qual­i­fiers Round-up Show 4.25 Euro 2020 Qual­i­fiers

4.55 LIVE Euro 2020 Qual­i­fiers Ge­or­gia v Be­larus

(Kick-off 5pm).

LIVE Euro 2020 Qual­i­fiers Slo­vakia v Re­pub­lic of

Ire­land (Kick-off 7.45pm).

10.15 In­ter­na­tional Foot­ball 10.45 SPFL Great­est Games 11.00 Cham­pi­onship Sea­son

Re­view 18/19

12mid­night In­ter­na­tional Foot­ball 7.00


Sky 404 Vir­gin 514 (HD 504)

12.30pm The Cricket Lock­down Vod­cast 1.35 My Icon: Ebony Rain­ford-brent (S) 1.50 In­dian Premier League. High­lights.

2.50 LIVE In­dian Premier League Sun­ris­ers Hy­der­abad v Kings XI Pun­jab.

6.45 Michael Hold­ing: Whis­per­ing Death (S)

My Icon: Nasser Hus­sain Talk­ing Cricket: Win­drush BLM: Hold­ing &

Rain­ford Brent

8.50 The Great WG Grace (S)

9.00 In­dian Premier League 10.00 Talk­ing Cricket: Win­drush 10.30 Blm: Hold­ing &

Rain­ford Brent

10.50 The Great W.G. Grace (S)

11.00 In­dian Premier League 7.45 8.00 8.30

Scot­land’s Andy Robert­son (7pm, Sky Main Event)


Sky 410 Vir­gin 521

9.55am LIVE Roland-gar­ros. Cov­er­age of the semi-fi­nals.

Eurosport Tennis Cube


Sky 413 Vir­gin 527

12noon Bun­desliga High­lights

Show (S) 1.00 Ligue 1 High­lights (S) 2.00 ESPN FC 2.30 FA Women’s Su­per League (S) 4.00 Premier League Reload (S) 4.15 BT Sport Goals Reload 4.30 Rugby Tonight On Tour (S) 5.00 WWE (S)

10.45 Premier League Reload 11.00 UEFA Cham­pi­ons

League Road To Glory (S)

12mid­night The BT Sport Box­ing Show (S) 12.30 LIVE MLB (S)


Sky 414 Vir­gin 528

10.30am Mo­bil 1: The Grid (S)

11.00 FIM Speedway High­lights (S) 1pm The WRC Mag­a­zine (S) 1.30 Fish­ing: On The Bank (S) 2.30 BT Sport Reload (S) 2.45 Pre­mier­ship Tonight (S) 3.30 Kite Mas­ters (S)

4.00 Bun­desliga High­lights Show (S) 5.00 Bun­desliga Spe­cial (S)

5.30 Bun­desliga Weekly

6.00 PSA Squash High­lights 7.00 BT Sport Score Best Bits 7.30 Premier League World (S)

8.00 Bun­desliga Weekly

8.30 BT Sport Box­ing Show (S)

9.00 30 for 30: Chas­ing Tyson 10.30 Women’s Com­mon­wealth

Bank ODI Se­ries (S)

1.30am UFC (S)

BTSPORT3 Sky 417 Vir­gin 529 1pm Women’s Com­mon­wealth Bank ODI Se­ries 4.00

Su­per League Triathlon 5.00 Bad­minton Un­lim­ited 5.30 The BT Sport Box­ing Show 6.00 Pre­mier­ship Rugby High­lights 8.30 Pre­mier­ship Tonight 9.15 BT Sport Reload 9.30 Ligue 1 10.30 Ligue 1 12mid­night Ligue 1

SKY GOLF Sky 405 Vir­gin 515 11.30am

LIVE Euro­pean Tour Golf. The BMW PGA Cham­pi­onship. 5.45pm LIVE LPGA Tour Golf. The KPMG Women’s PGA Cham­pi­onship.

10.00 LIVE PGA Tour Golf. The Shriners Hos­pi­tals for Chil­dren Open.

SKY NFL Sky 407 Vir­gin 517 12noon Good Morn­ing Foot­ball 3.00 NFL Bite­size High­lights 4.00 NFL Over­time 5.00 Jags

All Ac­cess: UK 5.30 Neil Reynolds Meets: In­ter­view With Neil Reynolds Ep2 6.00 NFL Bite­size High­lights 7.00 NBC’S Pro-foot­ball Talk 9.00 New: In­side The Hud­dle 10.00 NFL Bite­size High­lights 11.00 In­side the Hud­dle 12mid­night NFL Bite­size High­lights

SKY ARENA Sky 408 Vir­gin 518 2pm Off

The Court 2.30 Su­per League High­lights 2.45 NBA Heatcheck 3.45 Nba Fi­nals 4

6.30 GAA: In­side The Game 7.00 LIVE World Grand Prix Darts. Day three from the Ri­coh Arena. 11.00 Leg­ends of Darts 11.15 Leg­ends of Darts 11.30 NBA Ac­tion

12mid­night Nba Fi­nals 4

EUROSPORT 2 Sky 411 Vir­gin 522 11.25am LIVE Cy­cling: Giro d’italia. Cov­er­age of stage six. 3.45pm Olympics: Trans­form My Meal 4.45 Olympics: In­spired by Sport 5.45 Euro­pean Rally Cham­pi­onship 6.15 Be­stof Bikes 6.30 World Su­per­bikes 8.00 Cy­cling: Giro d’italia 9.30 Cy­cling: Gent-wevel­gem 10.30 Cy­cling: Giro d’italia 12mid­night Snooker: Scot­tish Open Fi­nal


Sky 311 Vir­gin 410

9.45am Shal­low Hal (2001) 12 u

See 8pm. (S)

11.45 Tyrel (2018) 15 Young black man Jason Mitchell joins an all-white group of friends for a week­end of de­bauch­ery in the Catskills. (S)

1.30pm Sprinter (2018) 15 Af­ter be­ing sep­a­rated from his mother, Dale El­liott looks set to be Ja­maica’s next trackand-field sen­sa­tion. (S)

3.35 Trial by Fire (2018) 15 The tragic, hard-hit­ting story of Cameron Todd Willing­ham, who was ex­e­cuted in Texas for killing his three chil­dren. (S)

The Sis­ters Broth­ers (2018) 15 In the Amer­i­can West, two gun­fight­ers broth­ers are hired to kill a man. (S)

Shal­low Hal (2001) 12

Su­per­fi­cial Jack Black is only in­ter­ested in dat­ing phys­i­cally per­fect women, but his out­look is changed when a self-help guru hyp­no­tises him into see­ing in­ner beauty. (S) 9.55 PICK Sleep­ers (1996) 18 s

12.25am-2.00 Or­di­nary Love

(2019) 12 Couple Les­ley Manville and Liam Nee­son at­tempts to nav­i­gate the world of se­ri­ous ill­ness. (S) 5.45 8.00 5.40

uu­u­uuu5.40 7.20 9.00 11.00


Free­view 14 Freesat 300 Sky 313 Vir­gin 428

11am Dark Com­mand (1940) U ●

Teacher Wal­ter Pid­geon be­comes a ruth­less rene­gade in the Amer­i­can Civil War. (S) 12.55pm The Naked Truth (1957) U ●

Celebri­ties threat­ened with black­mail de­cide to mur­der the ex­tor­tion­ist. (S)

2.45 40 Guns to Apache Pass (1967) PG ● Cavalry captain

Audie Mur­phy sets out to de­liver a ship­ment of ri­fles to a fort be­sieged by Apaches. (S) 4.35 The Buc­ca­neer (1958) U ●

Gen­eral Charl­ton He­ston tries to form an al­liance with a pi­rate to re­pel Bri­tish in­vaders. (S) 6.55 Walk­ing Out (2017) 15 ◆ Ur­ban teenager Josh Wig­gins and his father bond dur­ing a bru­tal en­counter in the wilder­ness. (S)

9.00 Three Bill­boards Out­side Eb­bing, Mis­souri (2017) 15 ◆

Frances Mc­dor­mand pres­sures the po­lice into con­tin­u­ing the in­ves­ti­ga­tion into her daughter’s mur­der. (S)

See Movie Choice, page 57.

11.15 Seven Psy­chopaths (2012) 15 ◆

Writer Colin Far­rell turns to two crooks for ad­vice about a script, but ends up in dan­ger. (S)

1.25am-3.35 Beauty and the Dogs

(2017) Ghanem Zrelli thriller. (S)


1PM, RA­DIO 3 HHHHH There’s plenty to lift the heart in this live con­cert from Wig­more Hall. The pi­anist Beatrice Rana will be giv­ing solo ren­di­tions of four lively scher­zos by Chopin, fol­lowed by a waltz from Ravel.



When the tide pulls away on the Isle of Shep­pey in Kent, pieces of china, sea glass, old bones, buck­les, but­tons, an aw­ful lot of ci­garette lighters and the oc­ca­sional trea­sure emerge.

Clare Bald­ing joins the au­thor and life­long beach­comber

Lisa Wool­lett – whose great­grand­fa­ther was a scav­enger and whose grand­fa­ther was a dust­man – for a walk along the shore­line to see what the tide has rolled in.


FM 92.4 - 96.1 LW 198 Free­view 704 Sky 0104 Vir­gin 904

5.30am News Brief­ing

5.43 Prayer for the Day

5.45 Farm­ing To­day

5.58 Tweet of the Day

6.00 To­day

8.30 (LW) Yes­ter­day

in Par­lia­ment

9.00 In Our Time

9.45 (LW) Daily Ser­vice

9.45 (FM) Book of the Week: Tom Stop­pard: A Life

By Hermione Lee.

10.00 Woman’s Hour In­clud­ing at 10.45 Drama: Bro­ken English, by She­lagh Stephen­son.

11.00 From Our Own


11.30 The Buchan Tra­di­tion Nick Rankin ex­plores the lit­er­ary legacy of writer John Buchan.

12noon News

12.01 (LW) Shipping Forecast 12.04 The Hous­ing Lark By Sam

Selvon. Read by Martina Laird.

12.18 You and Yours


FM 97.6 - 99.8 Free­view 700 Sky 0101 Vir­gin 901

7am Greg James. 10.30 Clara Amfo. 12noon Ra­dio 1’s Live Lounge.

12.45 News­beat. 1.00 Scott Mills. 3.30 Nick Grimshaw. 5.45 News­beat. 6.00 Ra­dio 1’s Fu­ture Sounds. 8.00 Rickie, Melvin and Char­lie. 10.00 Ra­dio 1’s In­die Show. 12mid­night Ra­dio 1’s Soundsys­tem.


FM 90.2 - 92.4 Free­view 703 Sky 0103 Vir­gin 903

6.30am Break­fast. 9.00 Es­sen­tial Clas­sics. 12noon Com­poser of the Week: Beethoven – With­drawal.

1.00 PICK Ra­dio 3 Lunchtime Con­cert. 2.00 Af­ter­noon Con­cert. Dvo­rak’s folk­loric opera King and Char­coal Burner, recorded in Prague. 5.00 In Tune. 7.00 In Tune Mix­tape. In­clud­ing pieces by Korn­gold, Sul­li­van and Of­fen­bach. 7.30 Ra­dio 3 in Con­cert. Richard Farnes leads the BBC SSO in Ber­wald’s Third Sym­phony, Bar­ber’s Vi­o­lin Con­certo and Si­belius’s Pel­leas et Melisande, live from Glas­gow City Halls. 10.00 Free Think­ing. The chal­lenges of run­ning a mu­seum. 10.45 PICK The Es­say: Think­ing Black. 11.00 The Night Tracks Mix. 11.30 Un­clas­si­fied.

12.30am Through the Night.



Clare Bald­ing (3pm, Ra­dio 4)


6.30PM, RA­DIO 4 HHHH John Finnemore has more than done his bit for the cause of ra­dio com­edy, and his cred­its in­clude Cabin Pres­sure and Dou­ble Acts. This se­ries, first broad­cast in 2016, shows the

1.00 1.45

2.00 2.15 3.00 3.27 3.30


4.30 5.00 5.54 6.00 6.30


The World at One

Anatomy of Touch

Clau­dia Ham­mond asks how im­por­tant touch is to peo­ple.

The Archers Jazzer is over the moon.

Drama: Deacon: Moon­light on Wa­ter By Ed­son Bur­ton. Jas has a ren­dezvous with her se­cret love.

PICK Ram­blings

Ra­dio 4 Ap­peal

Book­club Joseph O’con­nor talks to James Naugh­tie about Star of the Sea.

The Film Pro­gramme Pre­sented by An­to­nia Quirke.

BBC In­side Sci­ence PM News pro­gramme.

(LW) Shipping Forecast Six O’clock News

PICK John Finnemore’s Sou­venir Pro­gramme

The Archers Jen­nifer is on the warpath.


FM 88.1 - 90.2 Free­view 702 Sky 0102 Vir­gin 902

5am Vanessa Feltz. 6.30 Zoe Ball. 9.30 Ken Bruce. 12noon Jeremy Vine. 2.00 Steve Wright. 5.05 Sara Cox. 6.30 Sara Cox’s Half Wower. 7.00 Jo Whi­ley. 9.00 The Coun­try Show with Bob Har­ris. 10.00 Trevor Nel­son’s Rhythm Na­tion. 12mid­night O.J. Borg.


5am Wake Up to Money. 6.00

5 Live Break­fast. 9.00 Your Call.

10.00 The Emma Bar­nett Show. 1pm Ni­hal Arthanayak­e. 4.00

5 Live Drive. With Tony Livesey and Anna Fos­ter. 7.00 5 Live Sport.

10.00 Ques­tion Time Ex­tra Time. Ad­di­tional cov­er­age of Ques­tion Time. 1am Do­tun Ade­bayo.


FM 99.9-101.9 Sky 0106 Vir­gin 922

6am More Mu­sic Break­fast. 9.00 Alexan­der Arm­strong. 12noon Anne-marie Min­hall. 4.00 John Brun­ning. 7.00 Smooth Clas­sics at Seven. 8.00 The Clas­sic FM Con­cert with John Suchet. From the Royal Fes­ti­val Hall at the South­bank Cen­tre. 10.00 Smooth Clas­sics. 7.15 7.45 8.00

Front Row Arts pro­gramme.

Bro­ken English

The Brief­ing Room

David Aaronovitc­h dis­cusses big is­sues in the news.

The Bot­tom Line New se­ries. Evan Davis and guests dis­cuss the business world.

9.00 BBC In­side Sci­ence

With Adam Ruther­ford.

In Our Time Melvyn Bragg and guests dis­cuss the his­tory of ideas.

10.00 The World Tonight

10.45 Book at Bed­time: The

Hous­ing Lark By Sam Selvon.

11.00 The Skewer Top­i­cal

satire from Jon Holmes.

11.30 To­day in Par­lia­ment 12mid­night News; Weather

12.30 Book of the Week:

Tom Stop­pard: A Life

12.48 Shipping Forecast

1.00 As BBC World Ser­vice

5.20 Shipping Forecast

8.30 9.30


DAB Free­view 708 Sky 0131 Vir­gin 910

6am Cast, In Or­der of Dis­ap­pear­ance. 6.30 Three

Act Tragedy. 7.00 North by Northamp­ton­shire. 7.30 John Finnemore’s Sou­venir Pro­gramme. 8.00 Be­yond Our Ken. 8.30 Yes Min­is­ter. 9.00 Ge­nius. 9.30 Mill­port. 10.00 The House in Paris. 11.00 Desert Is­land Discs Re­vis­ited. 11.45 David At­ten­bor­ough’s Life Sto­ries. 12noon Be­yond Our Ken. 12.30 Yes Min­is­ter. 1.00 Cast, In Or­der of Dis­ap­pear­ance. 1.30 Three Act Tragedy. 2.00 Ge­nius. 2.30 Mill­port. 3.00 The House in Paris. 4.00 Desert Is­land Discs Re­vis­ited. 4.45 David At­ten­bor­ough’s Life Sto­ries.

5.00 North by Northamp­ton­shire.

5.30 John Finnemore’s Sou­venir Pro­gramme. 6.00 Or­bit One Zero. 6.30 Great Lives. 7.00 Be­yond Our Ken. 7.30 Yes Min­is­ter. 8.00 Cast, In Or­der of Dis­ap­pear­ance. 8.30 Three Act Tragedy. 9.00 Desert Is­land Discs Re­vis­ited. 9.45 David At­ten­bor­ough’s Life Sto­ries. 10.00 Com­edy Club: John Finnemore’s Sou­venir Pro­gramme. 10.30 News­jack. 11.00 Penny Dread­fuls: Broth­ers Faver­sham. 11.30 Con­crete Cow. 12mid­night Or­bit One Zero.

Part 1/2. (R)

Daily mag­a­zine show. (HD)

Countdown With Jon Cul­shaw in Dic­tio­nary Cor­ner. (HD)

A Place in the Sun A hunt for a hol­i­day home near the Sierra Ne­vada in south­ern Spain. (HD)

The Great House Give­away

Ceri and Danni take on a dormer bun­ga­low in An­gle­sey. (HD)

Cou­ples Come Dine with Me Con­tes­tants from in and around Glas­gow com­pete for the cash prize of £1,000. (R)(HD)

The Simp­sons Homer be­comes a hip­pie. (R)(AD)

The Simp­sons Lisa cheats in an exam. (R)(AD)

Chan­nel 4 News (HD)

The Great Bri­tish Bake Off: An Ex­tra Slice Jo Brand is joined by Paul Hol­ly­wood, Judi Love and Ais­ling Bea to dis­cuss the best bits from Bread Week. (HD)(AD)

Gog­gle­box The arm­chair crit­ics share their opin­ions on what they have been watch­ing dur­ing the week, with cam­eras cap­tur­ing their in­stant re­ac­tions. (HD)(AD)

An explorer, a gym owner, a fash­ion boss, a re­cruit­ment con­sul­tant and a for­mer golf pro­fes­sional move in with health and diet con­sul­tant Char­lotte. (HD)(AD)

First Dates Sis­ters Claire and Louise make a four­some with Mathew and Scott. (R)(HD)(AD)

FILM The Hunger Games: Mock­ing­jay – Part 1 (2014) 12 Sci-fi ad­ven­ture se­quel, star­ring Jen­nifer Lawrence.

See Movie Choice. (HD)(AD)

Come Dine with Me (R)(HD)

Come Dine with Me (R)(HD)

Come Dine with Me (R)(HD)

Come Dine with Me (R)(HD)

Come Dine with Me (R)(HD)

Vet on the Hill (R)(HD)(AD)

Coach Trip: Road to

Barcelona (R)(HD)

5.55-6.00 Kirstie’s Vin­tage Gems

Build­ing trea­sure chests. (R)(HD) Chan­nel 4+1 15 121 204 in428

Chan­nel 4 HD 138 141

4seven 47 104 127 137 143

8am 5.00



6pm Eurosport Tennis Cube 6.15 Roland-gar­ros 1.45am

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