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Yes, they do moan more than girls when they’re ill

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SORRY, chaps, the game is up – sci­en­tists have con­firmed that you’re of­ten not as ill as you say you are.

Half of men will up­grade a com­mon cold to flu and de­scribe headaches as a mi­graine to gain max­i­mum sym­pa­thy.

They will also moan more than women when suf­fer­ing a bug or virus.

This is de­spite the fact they catch fewer colds and flu each year – five com­pared with women’s av­er­age of seven.

The study of 3,000 peo­ple did find that women are more likely to men­tion mi­nor ail­ments on a daily ba­sis.

But when it comes to proper moan­ing, men are the masters. Karl El­liott of friendly so­ci­ety En­gage Mu­tual, which com­mis- sioned the re­search, said: ‘ Men have had bad press con­cern­ing their ten­den­cies to­wards “man flu”, but our find­ings sup­port the be­lief that men do moan more and are more likely to ex­ag­ger­ate their symp­toms.

‘They may have fewer bouts of gen­uine sick­ness a year, but when ill, their at­ten­tion-seek­ing be­hav­iour makes sure their part­ner knows about it.

‘But even though men look for max­i­mum sym­pa­thy, they tend to strug­gle on, be­ing less likely to take time off work for an ill­ness.’ Ac­cord­ing to the women sur­veyed, al­most half of men will ex­ag­ger­ate their symp­toms.

Just 40 per cent of men said the same of their part­ners.

Women re­ported that more than 57 per cent of men be­come at­ten­tion­seek­ing when ill, with 66 per cent con­stantly moan­ing and groan­ing.

In con­trast, men re­ported lower in­ci­dences of whinge­ing, say­ing that only 50 per cent of women seek at­ten­tion when they’re ill and 56 per cent moan and groan.

A third of men also ad­mit­ted their part­ner will suf­fer in si­lence when they are re­ally ill, while just 26 per cent of women could say the same of their other halves. How­ever, a mas­sive 76 per cent of men will refuse to take time off when they are ill.

Al­most 60 per cent of them also said that their part­ner will com­plain about nig­gles and health prob­lems on a daily ba­sis. Just 52 per cent of women could com­plain of the same trait in their men.

In other re­sults, the sur­vey found that women are very pa­tient with ma­lin­ger­ers. De­spite 34 per cent rarely be­liev­ing their hus­bands or boyfriends are very sick, 62 per cent can still be re­lied upon to serve up some sym­pa­thy.

Six in ten women said they didn’t like see­ing their part­ner ill while 49 per cent said they did their best to make them com­fort­able.

Two-thirds of women reg­u­larly go to the chemist when­ever their man is ill, 46 per cent run them a bath and 27 per cent pro­vide break­fast in bed.

‘You have an itchy nose – I don’t think we need to put the undertakers on standby’


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