Aun­tie’s bloomer

Daily Mail - - sandra Parsons -

HOW I agree with the author P.D. James, who has com­plained about BBC TV dra­mas, say­ing they are too chaotic.

‘It takes me about half an hour to sort out who ev­ery­body is,’ she said. ‘ We start by see­ing a scene in the kitchen and two min­utes later they’re on the sea­side, three min­utes later they’re in the pub. Who are all these peo­ple?’

It was Baroness James who so bril­liantly skew- ered the Di­rec­tor Gen­eral Mark Thomp­son when she in­ter­viewed him on the To­day pro­gramme last New Year’s Eve, chal­leng­ing him po­litely but in­de­fati­ga­bly on t he Cor­po­ra­tion’s huge salaries and its ageism against women.

I know she’s 89, but can’t we just give her his job? She’s more than ca­pa­ble and it would prob­a­bly take her only a year to whip the whole of the Cor­po­ra­tion into shape.

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