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And today’s lesson is: Walking in heels

- By Kate Loveys

FOR girls aiming to climb the career ladder, it is one achievemen­t they might be wiser not to put on the CV.

In what has been described as the country’s ‘most trivial’ course, female pupils are being taught how to walk in high heels.

The six-week ‘Sexy Heels in the City’ course is designed, it is claimed, to prepare them for the ‘business world and their social lives’.

Whether employers will take the same view is yet to be seen. But South Thames Col- lege, in South-West London, is paying Chyna Whyne, author of Mastering The Art Of Wearing High Heels, £60 an hour to pass on her expertise to 16-year-old pupils.

Miss Whyne, a former backing singer for Elton John, claims her life was made a misery because she was not taught how to walk in such shoes. She insists women should be taught the skills at an early age – as singer Pixie Lott has clearly done – as it will be better for them ‘in the long run’.

The course also involves learning how to walk on a catwalk and shop for shoes – a skill many men might suggest comes naturally to most women.

Toni Eastwood, of training provider Everywoman, said: ‘This sounds like Britain’s most trivial course.

‘It panders to stereotype­s. It’s an extraordin­ary waste of money and time.’

 ??  ?? Walking tall: Pixie Lott on her high heels
Walking tall: Pixie Lott on her high heels

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