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Q: Many years ago at the ten­der age of 15, I came home sport­ing my first tat­too. Mum and Dad were none too pleased and an el­derly aunt who was stay­ing had an at­tack of ‘the vapours’ and had to for­tify her­self with smelling salts. What were smelling salts made of and do neu­rotic aun­ties still use them? Jimmy Mun­day, Shot­ley, Suf­folk, Q: Faler­nian wine was highly es­teemed by the an­cient Ro­mans. What grape was it made from and is any­thing like it still made to­day?

Mike Hughes, Holy­port, Berks. Q: Is there any liv­ing crea­ture that doesn’t re­quire a pe­riod of sleep, hi­ber­na­tion or dor­mancy to sur­vive?

Mau­rice Bligh, Sittingbourne, Kent.

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