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Andrew, Heidi and the ‘pimps party’ with his best pal Ghislaine

- From Sam Greenhill and Stephen Wright in Florida

CLUTCHING a bottle of water, Prince Andrew chats with PVC-clad supermodel Heidi Klum at her ‘ Hookers and Pimps’-themed Halloween party.

In another image from the event the prince, dressed in a sober suit, allows his friend Ghislaine Maxwell – in a blonde wig, midriff-baring top and gold trousers – to drape her arm over him.

The pictures, which emerged yesterday, were taken at the party at the fashionabl­e Hudson Hotel in New York in 2000, hosted by Miss Klum in a bodyskimmi­ng black catsuit.

It was a few months after this party, according to Virginia Roberts, that she was abused by the prince while being kept as a 17-year-old sex slave by his friend Jeffrey Epstein.

Yesterday it was claimed that Miss Maxwell lied to lawyers to dodge questions about the sex slave allegation­s involving disgraced financier Epstein.

She allegedly claimed that her mother was ‘deathly ill’ – but then went to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

Legal papers accuse Miss Maxwell of lying by saying she was leaving the United States to avoid giving a deposition, only to show up at the glittering ceremony for former President Bill Clinton’s daughter weeks later.

Miss Maxwell, the daughter of shamed tycoon Robert Maxwell and a mutual friend of Andrew and billionair­e paedophile Epstein, allegedly acted as a ‘high-class madame’ pro- curing sex slaves. She took Miss Roberts to Epstein’s homes where she was ‘forced’ to have sex with Andrew, it is claimed in US court papers.

But when lawyers tried to question Miss Maxwell about the accusation­s, in 2010, she dodged the meeting by making up a story about her ill mother, it is claimed.

Court papers seen by the Daily Mail reveal: ‘She was reluctant to give her deposition. Maxwell contrived to avoid the deposi- tion. On June 29, 2010, one day before [victims’ lawyer Brad] Edwards was due to fly to New York to take Maxwell’s deposition, her attorney informed Edwards that Maxwell’s mother was deathly ill and Maxwell was consequent­ly flying to England with no intention of returning to the United States.

‘Despite that assertion, Ghislaine Maxwell was in fact in the country on July 31, as she attended the wedding of Chelsea Clinton and was captured in a photograph taken for OK magazine.’

In fact her mother, Elisabeth ‘Betty’ Maxwell, lived a further three years, until August 2013.

Miss Maxwell, 53, has never spoken about the claims, other than her spokesman branding them all ‘lies and deceit’.

But legal documents reveal she was also accused of molesting girls herself.

Miss Roberts, now 30, claims she was recruited by Miss Maxwell and forced to have sex with Prince Andrew three times when she was aged 17 and being kept as a sex slave by Epstein.

Evidence compiled by her lawyer about a harem of teen ‘masseurs’ at 61-year- old Epstein’s Florida mansion alleges Miss Maxwell ‘actively and passively participat­ed in sexual acts with the minor girls she recruited’.

Miss Maxwell denies ‘each and every allegation made by Miss Roberts’, her spokesman said.

Buckingham Palace has said that Andrew denies any wrongdoing and that ‘any suggestion of impropriet­y with under-age minors is categorica­lly untrue’. while Epstein has called his accusers liars.

Last night friends rallied to the defence of Miss Maxwell. One told MailOnline: ‘Ghislaine is lovely. She’s definitely not a madame, not to my knowledge.’

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‘Said her mother

was deathly ill’

 ??  ?? Halloween party: Andrew and supermodel Heidi Klum in 2000
Halloween party: Andrew and supermodel Heidi Klum in 2000
 ??  ?? Close: Ghislaine Maxwell with her arm around Andrew
Close: Ghislaine Maxwell with her arm around Andrew

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