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Chelsy’s gems mocked


ZARA PHILLIPS and Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy are the latest in a long line of famous faces to bring out their own ranges of jewellery, but they fail to impress the celebrated designer Stephen Webster.

‘You get a lot of socialites these days who decide to launch their own jewellery line because they don’t know what else to do,’ he tells me at a party in Chelsea. ‘They just want to try it out, but it has absolutely no depth to it.’

Webster, whose pieces are worn by the likes of Kate Moss and Sienna Miller, says of his trade: ‘It’s really hard work and you never get any of these socialite types sticking around.

‘ The only way their businesses make any money is through their famous friends.

‘With Chelsy Davy, look at who she used to date and who her friends are.’

He adds: ‘I’m always getting asked to help out these socialites who struggle after a couple of years, but I say no all the time.’

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