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Hide your muffin top – with a waist warmer


DO YOU have a favourite blouse that won’t quite tuck into your sensible work trousers? Or a much-loved pair of jeans that now leave an unsightly muffin top on show?

It’s a perennial problem — that little gap over your midriff that threatens to appear whenever you sit down or bend forward. It might be wise to invest in a waist warmer, the latest clever invention to disguise and flatter your middle.

Also known as a haramaki, literally ‘belly wrap’ in Japanese, it’s a cloth tube that fits around your middle. You can tuck it in for invisible support or leave it outside your trousers so the pretty band of colour peeks out. And it doesn’t just stop your tummy showing — it will keep you warm, too. Made in the UK, it comes in five colours and four sizes (£32.50 from nukunuku.co.uk).

Another solution is the range of clever designs from Cami Couture, a Cheshire-based brand.

Their longline cami is a particular winner, with a cropped inner layer to hug the bust and longer top layer to skim past the waist and cover lumps and bumps (£40, Camiconfid­ential.com).

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