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Caulif lowers for just 29p!

- By Sean Poulter Consumer Affairs Editor

CAULIFLOWE­RS are at the centre of a price war as supermarke­ts slash prices in response to a glut.

Aldi plans to cut the price from 69p to only 29p for ten days from Thurdsay.

The move comes after Tesco reduced their price from £1 to 79p, and Morrisons cut theirs by 25p to 75p. Other supermarke­ts are expected to follow suit.

Britain’s mild winter has meant an early bumper crop and farmers have been struggling to find buyers.

Shoppers have been urged to support British farmers by buying more, with experts warning that if they do not then tons of the crop will have to be binned. The vegetable is hugely versatile and the options go way beyond simply boiling it or making a cauliflowe­r cheese.

Retailers have created cauliflowe­r rice as a low carb alternativ­e to rice, while others sell it in thick slices as a vegetarian alternativ­e to beefburger­s.

However, the vegetable has lost out in recent years to more exotic and fashionabl­e imports such as quinoa, couscous, peppers, aubergines and avocados.

Aldi currently sells 250,000 cauliflowe­rs a week and expects to sell an additional 750,000 during its price promotion.

Richard Mowbray, vice-chairman of the Brassica Growers Associatio­n, said the surplus had been building up since November.

‘We’ve had a glut for three or four weeks now,’ he added.

Greville Richards, of Southern England Farms based in Cornwall, said he had got rid of 40 to 50 acres of the crop because supply had outstrippe­d demand.

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