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The recycled rocket comes back to earth


A ‘REVOLUTION in space flight’ has been hailed after a rocket was ‘recycled’ and returned from space for a second time.

Millions of pounds of technology are wasted every time a rocket returns to Earth, as large amounts of debris break up upon re-entry into the atmosphere.

But now the core of a rocket has been successful­ly sent into orbit twice.

Tech billionair­e Elon Musk’s firm – SpaceX – used the Falcon 9 rocket to initially carry supplies to the Internatio­nal Space Station, before returning to Earth.

It was then relaunched with a TV satellite and on Thursday it came back again, landing on a platform in the Atlantic Ocean. It is the world’s first reflight of an orbital- class rocket and could lead the way to cheaper space travel. Mr Musk called the return of the unmanned Falcon 9 an ‘incredible milestone in the history of space’. He added: ‘This is going to be a huge revolution in space flight.’

Professor John Logsdon, from the George Washington University in Washington, said: ‘This is hugely significan­t in terms of lowering the cost of accessing space and sending a vehicle into orbit.’

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