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Mystery over who put hair removal cream in Karen Danczuk’s shampoo

- By Neil Sears

LABOUR’S Simon Danczuk last month condemned divorcees who smear their former partners in front of their children.

He told fellow MPs the venom of some exes was dangerousl­y extreme and needed Government action.

Mr Danczuk said he even knew of one case when hair removal cream was put in shampoo bottles at the separated father’s home.

The claim took a twist last night when his second wife Karen Danczuk said she had been a victim of just such an incident which had left her hair falling out so badly that she gave herself a combover style to cover the bald patches.

It is the latest bizarre episode in the life of Rochdale MP Mr Danczuk, a twice-married father of four. The 50year- old is currently suspended from the Labour Party over texts about spanking he sent to a 17-year-old girl.

And his marital arrangemen­ts had earlier become a very public soap opera when his second wife Karen, 33, by whom he has two children, first became famous for posting cleavage-flaunting selfies online, then left him in 2015. He has since had a series of escapades with new girlfriend­s.

His first wife Sonia Rossington, from Darwen, Lancashire, has also come forward to criticise him. After they separated, she kept their two children.

Despite Karen Danczuk’s break from the MP, she still works for him in his constituen­cy office.

And she said last night that the hair removal cream incident Mr Danczuk raised in Parliament led to her repeatedly consulting her GP, terrified occurredst­ill shared whenshea homewasshe andin going Rochdale.Mr Danczukbal­d. It

Karen Danczuk said: ‘There isn’t any doubt that this happened. I was losing my hair and I actually went to the doctors.

‘My hair started literally falling out when I was washing my hair – quite thick clumps. I had to wear a baseball cap.

‘It was before my selfies and I didn’t like my picture being taken. I’ve one where I was practicall­y bald on my right side, and I ended up doing a comb-over to cover it.

‘The doctor couldn’t figure it out because I wasn’t losing my eyelashes and eyebrows which tends to happen with alopecia. We just put it down to stress.

‘I noticed it only seemed to happen when I washed my hair. So I stopped doing it for a good few weeks. When I started again I changed my brand of shampoo, thinking I was having some reaction.

‘It stopped falling out then. If it hadn’t I’ve no doubt I’d have gone completely bald.’

Mr Danczuk refused to comment, but a friend said he told him: ‘I cannot believe what Karen went through when her hair was mysterious­ly falling out.’

Mr Danczuk, who was elected MP for Rochdale in 2010, and Karen, a former Labour councillor, split up in 2015. The separation was relatively amicably.

Not long after he began a relationsh­ip with another younger woman Labour councillor, Claire Hamilton, 33. But she dumped him after his texts to the 17-yearold were exposed.

He had previously won respect for his book exposing his predecesso­r Rochdale MP, Liberal Cyril Smith, as a paedophile.

‘I ended up doing a comb-over’

 ??  ?? Main picture: Karen Danczuk with bald patch and comb-over. Inset: With MP husband Simon
Main picture: Karen Danczuk with bald patch and comb-over. Inset: With MP husband Simon

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