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7 years for striptease mum who seduced schoolboys

Bluntly, madam, you are sex mad — judge

- By Andrew Levy

A MOTHER who had group sex with six boys after plying them with drugs and alcohol was jailed for seven years yesterday.

‘Sex mad’ Amanda tompkins, 39, abused up to three children at a time and told one she was pregnant and needed an abortion.

the ‘ highly sexual woman with no boundaries’ performed striptease­s at her home for boys as young as 13.

Disgusted families of her victims stormed out of court as details of her depraved acts were revealed.

the mother- of-three, who appeared at Aylesbury Crown Court via videolink from jail, let the teenagers drink and smoke cannabis in her home before having sex with them.

the ‘explosion’ of crimes happened shortly after tompkins’ marriage to her husband, Peter, 45, collapsed.

Judge Francis Sheridan said lives had been wrecked because of her behaviour.

‘Putting it bluntly, madam, you are sex mad, as simple as that,’ he told the defendant.

‘Anything goes, doesn’t matter the age, doesn’t matter what stage of sobriety you were in. You pleaded guilty to a most dreadful catalogue of sexual offending and abuse of young boys. You abused them systematic­ally. You ran an open house – that’s how it was put – and for that you should read you ran a house of abuse.

‘this is truly cruel, truly, truly cruel. You were arrested and lied your head off.’

tompkins, from Bletchley, near milton Keynes, carried out the abuse over a fourmonth period last year while

‘You ran a house of abuse’

her own young children were in the house.

Describing the first occasion when she abused two boys in February last year, Kim Preston, prosecutin­g, said: ‘the defendant became rather suggestive in the boys’ presence.

‘She did a striptease in front of them in the living room and pulled her underwear away from her botttom.’

Later, some of the boys returned to her house and she ‘quickly became predatory’. She went upstairs then returned to the children naked and invited them upstairs. two went into her bedroom to find her having intercours­e with their friend.

on another occasion, tompkins touched her breasts before getting on to her hands and knees in front of two boys.

She then tried to touch one of them, but was pushed away, before trying to touch a second boy, and was again pushed away.

tompkins used Facebook to message one of the boys she had pressured into having sex with her, telling him she needed an abortion.

‘She sent naked pictures,’ said miss Preston. ‘there was no reply. the download of her phone showed a vast number of images of her in various stages of undress.

‘She was a highly sexual woman without boundaries, she had clear knowledge of the youth and innocence of the boys she was assaulting.’ She was arrested after teachers at the boys’ school overheard them talking about what had happened.

tompkins initially denied the allegation­s, claiming she was unable to have sex because of a medical condition. however, before the trial she admitted seven counts of sexual activity with a child and three other related charges.

Impact statements from the boys were read out in court. one said: ‘I think to myself “what have I done?” I feel confused.’

Another said: ‘I don’t go out as much now, going to school has been very difficult. most of the school know what happpened which makes me feel uncomforta­ble.’

Judge Sheridan encouraged the boys not to let the abuse ruin their lives, telling one if he allowed his homework to slip ‘this defendant wins’.

 ??  ?? ‘Highly sexual with no boundaries’: Amanda Tompkins, 39
‘Highly sexual with no boundaries’: Amanda Tompkins, 39

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