Daily Mail

Trump may be gone within a year


HOW much longer can Donald Trump survive in the White House? He’s at war with the Supreme Court. He is fighting a bitter battle with Congress. He is on non-speaking terms with almost the entirety of the Press. Even elements of his own Republican Party have turned against him — and he’s been in office for less than three months. Now comes a very dangerous new developmen­t for the President. His short-lived National Security Adviser Mike Flynn, who was forced to resign over his links to Russia, has re-entered the fray. He said yesterday that he is ready to testify to a Congressio­nal Committee investigat­ing allegation­s that the Trump camp conspired with Russia to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. General Flynn has laid down one condition. He wants immunity from prosecutio­n. Yet it is only six months since Mike Flynn said: ‘When you are given immunity that means you have probably committed a crime.’ Earlier this year, I warned that Donald Trump would most likely not last his full term of office. I am beginning to wonder whether the U. S. President will still be in the White House this time next year.

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