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VW’s Dieselgate recall ‘has damaged engines’

- By James Salmon Transport Correspond­ent

VOLKSWAGEN has been inundated with complaints that work done on its cars after the emissions scandal left the vehicles faulty.

Some motorists say their cars can no longer be driven.

Hundreds more say the vehicles are not working as well as before, complainin­g of poor fuel consumptio­n, difficulti­es starting, weak accelerati­on and mysterious rattles.

Cars were recalled after it emerged in December 2015 that VW used ‘defeat devices’ to cheat diesel emissions tests.

Last month lawyers said 64,000 British drivers are suing VW in the wake of ‘Dieselgate’.

Although VW says UK cars weren’t fitted with the devices, it offered a ‘technical fix’ to make emissions readings more accurate and to give drivers ‘peace of mind’.

Fewer than half of the 1.2million VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda cars recalled in the UK have so far been returned to mechanics.

Some motorists complained to the Commons transport committee, which has been investigat­ing VW over Dieselgate.

Yesterday the committee’s correspond­ence with VW’s UK managing director Paul Willis was published.

The committee believes it is ‘not credible’ that VW would recall 1.2million cars at great expense if there was nothing wrong with them.

But in a letter Mr Willis, who was accused by the committee of providing misleading evidence in a hearing in February, said VW’s ‘rationale for applying the technical measure is to remove any doubt in our customers’ minds regarding the software in the affected vehicles’.

He said VW would investigat­e all complaints free of charge.

He stressed he was confident the problems were an ‘ exception’, having previously said VW received 3,500 queries from disgruntle­d drivers out of 470,000 technical fixes.

He added its customers are ‘at the heart of the business’.

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