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WORTH: £51 million ONCE UPON A TIME: Starting life in a tiny £65,000 house in Mullingar, Ireland, Niall saw his parents divorce when he was five. Attended Colaiste Mhuire, an allboys’ Catholic school, and performed with his guitar at his local arts centre before getting his big break on the ITV talent show.

NOW: One Direction’s golden boy thanks to his floppy blond locks and wholesome image, Horan, 23, is a bona fide heartthrob in America. After signing a six-figure record deal with Columbia Records in September, he is set to rake it in because he writes and performs his own music and wrote several of 1D’s (albeit less well-known) tracks.

THE HOUSES: Owns a £3.4 million Los Angeles home, a family house in his hometown and recently bought a stunning £6 million glass-fronted apartment in West London. His latest purchase has a penthouse cocktail bar, state- of-the-art gym and a spa. Horan offered to buy his father Bobby a luxury home, but refreshing­ly the butcher, who works in a Tesco supermarke­t, insisted he was happy to stay put.

THE CARS: After passing his driving test in 2013, he bought a £70,000 Range Rover and has been seen in a £90,000 Ferrari.

THE CLOTHES: While less of a clothes horse than his bandmates, the boyish Horan’s recently sported a more sophistica­ted look to an awards show — a £940 Paul Smith checked suit — and made sure to thank the brand online.

TRIVIA: Known as the ‘thrifty’ one, Horan’s brother once said: ‘Niall doesn’t spend that much money or talk about money. It’s not a big thing in his life.’ DON’T TELL THE BANK MANAGER: The once wonky-toothed young star spent £2,300 on Invisalign braces, which wore for 15 months, and a further £350 getting his new pearly whites made whiter.

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