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ID cards stolen as MoD is hit by 3,000 security breaches

- By Larisa Brown Defence Correspond­ent

mORE than 1,600 classified documents including iD cards have gone missing or been stolen from the ministry of Defence in just one year.

Officials recorded 2,923 security breaches in 2016 including 73 unauthoris­ed entries into military bases. The figures came from defence minister mark lancaster in response to a parliament­ary question from Tim Farron.

Calling for an urgent review, the liberal Democrat leader said last night: ‘given that the threat level at the moment is severe, meaning an attack is likely, it is very concerning that security at military bases has been breached.

‘Classified material has gone missing, this should send a shiver down the spine of everyone who cares about our defence ... The government need to wake up.’

in his response, mr lancaster said all breaches were taken very seriously. He added: ‘All incidents are subjected to an initial risk assessment, with further action taken on a proportion­ate basis.’

The moD said: ‘While none of these incidents resulted in any significan­t consequenc­es, security and safety is of the utmost importance, with all breaches reported investigat­ed appropriat­ely.’

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