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50 grammars open doors to poorer pupils


MORE than a third of grammar schools in England are planning to give more priority to disadvanta­ged pupils.

The selective schools want to recruit more poor pupils to combat criticism they are too dominated by children from middle class families.

The Times Educationa­l Supplement examined admissions documents for 138 grammars that have published their arrangemen­ts for the 2018-19 academic year. Fifty have made changes to increase numbers of disadvanta­ged children.

It means less well off pupils will have some form of priority for the first time, or entry requiremen­ts for them have been relaxed.

Another 49 have kept their policies the same, and 39 give no priority to disadvanta­ged children.

‘There is certainly pressure to do it and the Government wants grammar schools to do more for social mobility,’ said one school admissions officer.

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