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...so stay in UK for sunny Easter

- By Kate Pickles

FIRST the bad news. It’s April 1 … so cue the thundery downpours.

Heavy showers are expected across most of the country today to mark the start of the typically unsettled month.

But there’s good news for anyone beginning their Easter break – the wet weather won’t last.

Although the mercury won’t reach the highs of 21.8C (71.2F) seen in Kent last week, the high pressure will bring plenty of dry and increasing­ly sunny weather next week. It will be warmest in the South, tipping 20C (68F) in London, while the rest of the country can expect temperatur­es a few degrees higher than the average 1 C (55F) for this time of year.

Fog and mist enveloping much of the North and South on Monday will clear quickly as the sunshine breaks through, meteorolog­ists predict, paving the way for a largely dry week.

Forecaster­s at the Meteo Group said the fine weather is being caused by warm air that has moved north from Iberia.

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