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OUr daily lottery game makes it easy for you to win a share of more than £1million* cash! You can win prizes of £100, £500 or £1,000 every day.

Yesterday, Mrs Joyce Catton of Winterborn­e Whitechurc­h, Dorset, won £100. We have had 142 winners so far and given away £34,400 in prizes.


EvErY day, we’ll print a Daily Grid of nine lines of twodigit numbers. Each line has a prize associated with it.

FIND your Unique Number in the MyMail panel on the back of the paper every day.

MATCH any of the two-digit numbers in your Unique Number with all two- digit numbers, in any order, in one of the lines of the Daily Grid to win the prize shown.

CIrCLE any that match. If you match a full line in one row, you win the associated prize.


IF YOU have matched a complete line of two- digit numbers with your Unique Number, you must call 0345 0712 722 between 9.30am and 5pm today oNLy.

EvErY claim must be verified by a complete, original winning newspaper, so please retain your copy. UK residents 18+ only, excluding NI.

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