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Internet prices to fall £30 as BT ordered to cut costs


MILLIONS could see their broadband bills slashed by £30 a year after regulators ordered Openreach to cut the prices it charges rivals to use its poles and cables.

Ofcom wants to lower the bills that firms such as TalkTalk and Vodafone have to pay the UK’s broadband infrastruc­ture operator for lines with super-fast download speeds.

It will see the price that Openreach – presently owned by BT, though earlier this month it was announced they would split – charges competitor­s to use their lines falling from £88.80 per year per home to £52.77 a year in 2020-21.

Ofcom wants the cost saving passed on the customers.

It could see bills for 2.5m households cut by more than £30 a year. Ofcom also wants Openreach to complete 93pc of repairs within one or two working days of being notified, compared with 80pc today.

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