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WORTH: £51 million ONCE UPON A TIME: Malik, 24, grew up in an £80,000 rented home in a working-class neighbourh­ood in East Bowling, Bradford, with his three sisters and British Pakistani father, Yaser, and English mother, Tricia, attending a co-ed state school.

NOW: After leaving the band before the official hiatus which has just begun, Malik was the first to release solo material, going straight to number one on both sides of the Atlantic with single Pillowtalk. His ongoing relationsh­ip with supermodel Gigi Hadid (right) has further boosted his fame — and earning potential.

THE HOUSES: Five years ago he bought a £280,000 four-bedroom house in Bradford for his family, and even bought a £250,000 threebedro­om bungalow in Dorset for the mother of his ex, Perrie Edwards of girl band Little Mix. In 2012, he paid £3.65 million for a futuristic five-bedroom house in Hertfordsh­ire with chrome front doors, four bathrooms, wine cellar and a swimming pool. He also owns a £4 million London home and a sprawling £3.6 million apartment in LA.

THE CARS: He may not have a driving licence, but that hasn’t stopped him from splashing out on a Bentley Continenta­l GT (below). As you do. THE CLOTHES: Malik’s fashion nous is proving lucrative, after he recently put his name to a men’s footwear collection for Italian designer Giuseppe Zanotti. The ‘Zigi’ boots — fans’ nickname for Zayn and girlfriend Gigi — cost £950 a pair. TRIVIA: With 53 tattoos, Malik’s ink habit has cost him £ 7,000. He has also admitted to battling an eating disorder. DON’T TELL THE BANK MANAGER: Malik likes to graffiti all his homes — not ideal for prospectiv­e viewings.

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