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ThenewMicr­a revsuponst­yle


YES, it may be small by UK standards, but Nissan’s fifthgener­ation Micra supermini is a mighty marvel, especially if you’re a music lover. I took one for a spin from bright and breezy Brighton around the Sussex countrysid­e and found it a delight. It looks great, with fantastic kerb appeal. Lower and wider than its predecesso­r, too.

And it’s practical. There are five trim levels or grades. Prices from £11,995 for the one-litre 75 bhp Visia to £18,765 for the top-of-the-range 1.5-litre 90 bhp diesel Tekna.

There are more than 100 exterior and interior trim and colour combinatio­ns. The designer who put together this fine palette to boost personalis­ation is Sandra Boberg, at the firm’s design studios in Paddington, West London.

I particular­ly liked the Energy Orange paintwork.

I spent most of my time behind the wheel of a very smooth, but sufficient­ly sprightly, 900cc IG-T 90 linked to a slick five- speed manual gearbox. It was effort- lessly packed intuitivew­ith levels to of drive safety andkit you’d expect on a bigger car.

It’ll do 61 mpg and reach 109 mph with 0-60mph accelerati­on in 12.1 seconds. But it felt faster. As a £500 option on all but the highest-spec models (where it’s standard) it features a clever immersive 360- degree music system from Bose that includes loudspeake­rs in the driver’s headrest, allowing the driver to ‘share’ the music all round if there are passengers on board. Or, if driving solo, to concentrat­e the experience on the person behind the wheel.

A TIMELY reality check on the dream of driverless cars from the top British boss at BMW.

Their use will be restricted by law because government­s are reluctant to allow the vehicles to make ‘life and death decisions’.

Technicall­y, there is little obstacle. In around five years, developmen­ts could result in vehicles ‘full of passengers with no driver’, says Dr Ian Robertson, a Munich- based global board member for BMW.

But there will be a phased approach with different rules for motorways and local roads, he told a ‘connected cars’ conference in London organised by the Society of Motor Manufactur­ers and Traders (SMMT).

 ??  ?? High Five: The new Nissan Micra is a small car with a big punch
High Five: The new Nissan Micra is a small car with a big punch
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