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SO WE have seen how football will look if video technology is introduced. On Tuesday, a game that would have finished 1-1 ended with Spain beating France 2-0. Can you imagine if that was a World Cup semi-final and it went to penalties because the officials had not been given the help they needed? After what we saw in Paris, it would be a travesty. A 40-second wait to get an answer is nothing if it means getting a big decision right. We as a nation have suffered at World Cups from bad decisions — Diego Maradona in 1986, Frank Lampard in 2010 — so video technology can only be a good thing. I’ve heard it said that it will stop debates in pubs. Really? Debate something else! And remember this: all those who say bad decisions even themselves out... it’s nonsense. They never have and they never will. The game needs to move on.

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