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HAVE you ever proudly pro­claimed that you’re ‘so busy’? Do you need con­stant work and ac­tiv­ity to feel that you’re worth some­thing?

Run­ning around, chas­ing af­ter goals, push­ing to get things done, work­ing hard and play­ing harder for fear of miss­ing out only re­sults in us be­ing too burnt out and anx­ious to en­joy our lives.

Of course, it’s good to set goals and work to­wards them, but not at the ex­pense of your men­tal health.

If you act like the Du­ra­cell bunny ev­ery hour of the day, then you’re go­ing to be an ex­hausted, anx­ious mess — and that’s no good for you or any­one else.

That’s be­cause be­ing con­stantly busy cre­ates an over­whelm­ing stream of in­for­ma­tion, which your over­worked brain has to process.

You need breaks to work through it all.

And your adrenal glands, which are re­spon­si­ble for pro­duc­ing the stress hor­mones cor­ti­sol and adren­a­line, also need a rest from be­ing con­stantly in ‘go’ mode.

So, why not start to view rest and re­lax­ation as be­ing just as ‘productive’ as busy­ness? Re­peat af­ter me: ‘I need rest to be at my best.’

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