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First hospital bans sugary snacks from staff canteen

- Daily Mail Reporter

A HOSPITAL has become the first in the country to ban sugary food, snacks and fizzy drinks from its staff canteen.

Tameside Hospital, in Greater Manchester, has swapped all confection­ery for healthier options.

The only drinks available for its 4,000 staff will be tea, coffee, milk and water. Vending machines will also soon switch to selling only healthier options.

The ban follows calls from NHS England urging hospitals to slash sales of sugary drinks, and the hospital’s Slimpod weight-loss programme, which was set up by staff last summer.

Karen James, the hospital trust’s chief executive, said: ‘Long hours and shift patterns often make it very difficult for people to make healthy choices, so they opt for the instant sweet fixes.

‘These are dedicated profession­als who believe they should be role models for their patients – but the food environmen­t has been working against them.’

The most successful person in the programme lost 28lb in 12 weeks, and one who had been chronicall­y diabetic is about to come off her medication.

Nurse Luan Walton, 38, said: ‘I’ve lost 20lb in 12 weeks. I’ve already dropped a dress size and a half. I’m wearing a smaller uniform and soon will have to replace it with an even smaller one!’

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