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Major’s rank treachery


DOES anyone care what Sir John Major, the most hopeless and hapless Tory prime minister of recent times, thinks any more?

No-one was listening when he joined in Project Fear during the referendum campaign, and no-one is listening to his economic doom-mongering now – issued on the same day Toyota announces it will build its next generation car in Britain.

With shameless disingenui­ty, he demands MPs be given a free vote on the final deal, knowing full well it would give Remoaners every excuse to block Brexit. He is also being utterly hypocritic­al. Did he offer Tory rebels a free vote when he forced through the profoundly federalist Maastricht Treaty? Of course not.

And how ironic that when he was prime minister, Sir John complained bitterly that Margaret Thatcher interfered in his government after leaving No 10. Now he launches a full-throated assault on Theresa May’s Brexit strategy, seemingly impervious to how disloyal he is being to his party and leader. But then this is the man who once referred to the Brexit victory as the ‘tyranny of the majority’.

In truth the Mail suspects Sir John holds voters in utter contempt – no surprise from a man whose disastrous leadership led to a thumping defeat in 1997 and ushered in 13 years of Labour government.

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