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ONE thing that don­ald Trump and Kim Jong-un have proved is that pos­i­tive think­ing and speak­ing ag­gres­sively works.

winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher were lead­ers the left hated. Yet both were shouters and ta­ble-thumpers, proved suc­cess­ful.

Those the left have loved were wishy- washy wimps, crum­bling into use­less­ness.

I sus­pect many Tory sup­port­ers won’t back our cur­rent pm. she was and is a ‘Mrs Maybe’ (maybe she will, or maybe she won’t).

she’s crum­bling now be­cause, in my opin­ion, she doesn’t have the oomph that Bri­tain needs.

she’s a dilly- dally, a half-and-half re­mainer-turned-Brexit ne­go­tia­tor who doesn’t want to up­set any­one by plain speak­ing. ‘Brexit means Brexit’ means noth­ing when no one does any­thing to im­ple­ment a sim­ple re­quest: get us out of the Eu!

Give us some­one who can say, like Churchill: ‘ac­tion this day.’ not: ‘af­ter a pe­riod of tran­si­tion.’

MAU­RICE BLIGH, Sit­ting­bourne, Kent.

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