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AN­OTHER Fa­ther’s day is com­ing up, so it’s time to re­mem­ber all the fa­thers who have lost their chil­dren.

The fa­ther who is told he was only used to pro­vide a home and fam­ily and is no longer needed. The fa­ther who is phoned at work and told not to go home as he is no longer wanted.

The fa­ther who comes out of hospi­tal to be told his mar­riage is over and his bags are packed. The fa­ther who ar­rives home from work

to find the house empty of fur­ni­ture and fam­ily.

This is hap­pen­ing every day. Fa­thers are los­ing their chil­dren; some never see them again. For many men, the loss of their homes and chil­dren af­fects their whole lives. To find them­selves on the out­side of their fam­ily is aw­ful and it’s the same for their chil­dren.

To lose their fa­ther in such a way is wicked. So many are led to be­lieve their fa­thers have sim­ply walked out; one woman even let her child think their fa­ther was dead.

Some women make it so dif­fi­cult for fa­thers to see their chil­dren that they give up for their own san­ity.

So this Fa­ther’s Day, think of these men, too. When you see them pick­ing up their chil­dren from what was their home, give them a smile or a wave. They were like you once. LESLEY RICHARDS,

ad­dress sup­plied.

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