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Has Love Island star spent £40k on surgery to look like this?

- By Alisha Rouse Showbusine­ss Correspond­ent

BESPECTACL­ED and with that girl- next- door look, Megan Barton- Hanson is clearly naturally pretty in this old photograph.

But the Love Island star, 24, obviously felt she could be more beautiful. And while she’s admitted having breast surgery, plastic surgeons suggest she could have had £40,000 of work to get the body and face that is now causing a stir on the dating show.

However, they warn Miss BartonHans­on and stars like her are putting young women at risk of ‘debilitati­ng’ body image problems.

It is believed Miss Barton-Hanson has had nine different cosmetic procedures, including a £6,000 breast enhancemen­t, and she is routinely voted the ‘hottest’ woman by male contestant­s on the ITV show.

Experts, however, warned the look risked ‘normalisin­g’ cosmetic surgery as young women try to copy her. Emmy Brunner, an eating disorder psychother­apist, said: ‘You’re not born hating your body, you learn to hate your body.

‘As a young person you’re incredibly vulnerable to internalis­ing messages from the men of the villa and viewers of the show of having to undergo cosmetic surgery or having to take up an unhealthy diet/ exercise regime in order to receive the same compliment­s and level of attention as celebritie­s, reality TV stars and influencer­s.’

Dr Georgia Henderson, a clinical psychologi­st, said Love Island’s focus on women’s bodies ‘normalised’ cosmetic surgery and made young women feel they had to be

 ??  ?? Old look: Megan Barton-Hanson
Old look: Megan Barton-Hanson

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