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HERE’S the list of ‘help­ful’ sug­ges­tions from PETA for teach­ers to use with their pupils in­stead of the cur­rent ‘harm­ful’ phrases. It rec­om­mends: ‘Let the cat out of the bag’ is changed to ‘Spill the beans’ ‘Be a guinea pig’ to ‘Be the test tube’ ‘Hold your horses’ to ‘Hold the phone’ ‘Open a can of worms’ to ‘Open Pan­dora’s box’ ‘Bring home the ba­con’ to ‘Bring home the bagels’ ‘Put all your eggs in one bas­ket’ to ‘Put all your berries in one bowl’ ‘Kill two birds with one stone’ to ‘Feed two birds with one scone’ ‘Take the bull by the horns’ to ‘Take the flower by the thorns’ ‘Flog a dead horse’ to ‘Feed a fed horse’ ‘More than one way to skin a cat’ to More than one way to peel a po­tato’

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