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And, re­mem­ber, we al­ways bait re­spon­si­bly

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AL­MOST as an­noy­ing as Spurs’ ca­pit­u­la­tion in the North Lon­don derby on Sun­day was the bom­bard­ment of TV bet­ting ad­verts be­fore, dur­ing and af­ter the game.

Look, I don’t want to stop any­one hav­ing a flut­ter, but it some­times seems as if gam­bling is about the only area of eco­nomic ac­tiv­ity in which Bri­tain still leads the world.

I’m not a gam­bling man, but I know plenty of peo­ple who are. Some of them would bet on two flies crawl­ing up a wall. So it came as no great sur­prise to learn that the lat­est ‘sport’ to at­tract the book­ies is badger-bait­ing.

Yep, you did read that right. Badger­bait­ing is ap­par­ently be­ing streamed live on the in­ter­net for the ben­e­fit of de­ter­mined pun­ters. Af­ter the maul­ing Spurs got at the hands of Arse­nal, I’d wel­come half an hour of live badger­bait­ing as a lit­tle light relief. How long be­fore Sky Sports picks up Premier League badger-bait­ing, maybe as a pay-per-view event?

Can’t wait for the half-time ad­verts from Ray Win­stone, com­plete with Wind In The Wil­lows waist­coat.

‘We are mem­bers of the world’s biggest on­line badger- bait­ing com­mu­nity. And, re­mem­ber, we al­ways bait re­spon­si­bly.’

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