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Box of ten, £1.39 Per bis­cuit (25.3g): calo­ries, 115; sat­u­rated fat, 1.2g; fi­bre, 1g; sugar, 6.8g; salt, 0.1g

CLAIMS: ‘ Biscuits made with whole­grains and a live yogurt fill­ing. Proven to slowly re­lease car­bo­hy­drates over four hours, as part of a bal­anced break­fast.’

EX­PERT VER­DICT: Made us­ing a mix­ture of grains, which should give a slower re­lease of en­ergy. Con­tain use­ful amounts of added vi­ta­mins and min­er­als, such as such as B1 and iron, but there’s still 13.6g added sugar — al­most 3½ tea­spoons per two biscuits — nearly half your daily up­per limit. 2/5

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