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Pack of five, £1.55 Per bis­cuit (16g): calo­ries, 77; sat­u­rated fat, 1.9g; fi­bre, 0.7g; sugar, 4.1g; salt, trace

CLAIMS: These baked oat biscuits are made with and coated in milk chocolate. ‘Re­duced sugar’.

EX­PERT VER­DICT: The first in­gre­di­ent on the list here is milk chocolate. De­spite the claim to be ‘ re­duced sugar’, these def­i­nitely don’t fall into the low sugar cat­e­gory, with 25.8g sugar per 100g — around a tea­spoon in ev­ery bis­cuit. With 12.1g sat­u­rated fat per 100g they’re also high fat — in fact, nu­tri­tion­ally, not dis­sim­i­lar to a reg­u­lar chocolate di­ges­tive, and gram for gram, three times more ex­pen­sive. 1/5

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