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125g, £2.65, hol­lan­dand bar­rett.com Per bis­cuit (15.5g): calo­ries, 68; sat­u­rated fat, 0.7g; fi­bre, 0.3g; sugar, 5.3g; salt, 0.2g

CLAIMS: ‘gluten, dairy, wheat and egg-free, these are less than 70 calo­ries per cookie and re­duced fat.’

EX­PERT VER­DICT: on the plus side, these are suit­able for cer­tain food al­ler­gies and in­tol­er­ances. They’re also the low­est fat con­tent of all the biscuits tested, though they’re still classed as a ‘ medium fat’ prod­uct. With nearly 70 calo­ries per cookie, you still need to keep an eye on how many you eat. gram for gram, these also have one of the high­est sugar con­tents, with just over a tea­spoon­ful in each. 2/5

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