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150g, £3.25, ocado.com Per bis­cuit (12.5g): calo­ries, 61.5; sat­u­rated fat, 2.5g; fi­bre, 2.3g; sugar, 0.2g; salt, 0.06g

CLAIMS: ‘ No added sugar. Rich in fi­bre and cal­cium.’

EX­PERT VER­DICT: on the plus side, the low sugar and car­bo­hy­drate con­tent will have less im­pact on blood sugar lev­els than some of the other biscuits. They are sweet­ened in­stead with malti­tol, a man­u­fac­tured sweet­ener with around half the calo­ries of sugar, and fructo-oligosac­cha­rides, a lowcalo­rie car­bo­hy­drate. (Can cause bloat­ing and di­ar­rhoea in some peo­ple.) Cru­cially, they are al­most a third fat, from the co­conut and veg­etable oils, and four biscuits will con­tain nearly a quar­ter of your daily limit. 2/5

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