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Box of four, £2.39 Per bis­cuit (38g): calo­ries, 188; sat­u­rated fat, 2.1g; fi­bre, 2.3g; sugar, 9.3g; salt, 0.33g CLAIMS: Two cin­na­mon biscuits sand­wiched to­gether, ‘made with 100 per cent whole­grain oats and bar­ley. High in fi­bre’.

EX­PERT VER­DICT: Each bis­cuit pro­vides 2.3g fi­bre — around 7.5 per cent of your daily 30g. The al­monds in the fill­ing also pro­vide mag­ne­sium, vi­tal for bone strength, and vi­ta­min E, im­por­tant for the im­mune sys­tem. With 188 calo­ries and just over two tea­spoons of sugar in each bis­cuit, it is quite a sub­stan­tial snack. 3/5

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