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200g, 99p, Waitrose and ocado.com Per bis­cuit (12g): calo­ries, 52; sat­u­rated fat, 1g; fi­bre, 0.9g; sugar, 2.8g; salt, 0.14g

CLAIMS: ‘Baked with whole­meal flour and a touch of malt for rich­ness. High fi­bre.’

EX­PERT VER­DICT: The whole­meal flour means each bis­cuit pro­vides 3 per cent of your daily fi­bre — al­most dou­ble the amount in a reg­u­lar di­ges­tive bis­cuit. And these do have a re­as­sur­ingly short list of in­gre­di­ents. Although the calo­rie and fat con­tents here are slightly bet­ter than in reg­u­lar digestives, gram for gram there’s al­most a third more sugar in these. One bis­cuit gives you al­most three­quar­ters of a tea­spoon. 4/5

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