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ADAM HILLS (pic­tured), who was born with only one foot, doesn’t think of him­self as dis­abled. He wears a pros­thetic foot that he’s happy to take off and pass around dur­ing his stand-up shows. For NO TRI­UMPH, NO TRAGEDY (RA­DIO 4, 4PM), Adam, who hosts the com­edy show The Last Leg, meets Peter White, the ra­dio pre­sen­ter who has been blind from birth. They talk about com­edy, disability, the jokes you can tell, the ones you can’t and the ethics of disability hu­mour.

BAD luck and tragedy dogged Laura In­galls Wilder from the mo­ment she was born. She spent much of her child­hood liv­ing in hov­els while her par­ents strug­gled to put food on the ta­ble. Laura mar­ried at the age of 18, and she and her hus­band had more than their fair share of ill­ness and sor­row. They also saw their

liveli­hood wiped out many times over by fire, drought and the stock mar­ket crash of 1929. Yet Laura would not be de­feated, and her ex­pe­ri­ences pro­vided the ma­te­rial for the Lit­tle House On The Prairie books. Samira Ahmed cel­e­brates the life of the pioneer girl and au­thor in this week’s edi­tion of GREAT LIVES (RA­DIO 4, 4.30PM). THERE’S a touch of yule­tide in THE FULL WORKS CON­CERT (CLAS­SIC FM, 8PM) as English com­poser Patrick Hawes’s cheer­ful piece The Colours Of Christ­mas gets a wel­come air­ing ahead of his birth­day to­mor­row.

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