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Soc­cer show­boat in the Tower moat

- London · East London · Weston-super-Mare

ThE World War I com­mem­o­ra­tions at the Tower of Lon­don brought back many mem­o­ries for me. The semi-cir­cu­lar part of the out­side wall of the Tower is known as Legge’s Mount. That par­tic­u­lar part of the Tower con­tains two apart­ments, and one of these was my home for 20 years. The win­dow on our land­ing was the one from which the cas­cade of pop­pies flowed four years ago to mark the start of World War I. My fa­ther, W. E. R. Chap­man, be­came a Yeo­man Warder in July 1945, when he was de­mobbed from the Army at the end of World War II, af­ter serv­ing for 27 years. he was a warder for 25 years, re­tir­ing in 1970. My mother, sis­ter and I moved into the tower in Novem­ber 1945, first liv­ing in Brass­mount, which we shared with Yeo­man Warder Ran­dall and his fam­ily, be­fore mov­ing to Legge’s Mount, where we stayed un­til my fa­ther re­tired. I went to Sir John Cass Foun­da­tion School, which had per­mis­sion to use the moat as its foot­ball ground in the East Lon­don Schools League.

R. Chap­man, Weston-su­per-Mare, Som­er­set.

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