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Should we be wor­ried about the Bank of Eng­land’s post-Brexit fore­cast?

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THE Gover­nor of the Bank of Eng­land should talk up and sup­port our cur­rency, not fore­cast it is go­ing to crash. What ba­sis has Mark Car­ney to claim that house prices could fall by 30 per cent if there is a No Deal Brexit when there is more de­mand for hous­ing than ever? As for pre­dict­ing the worst re­ces­sion in a hun­dred years, his pre­vi­ous fore­casts proved to be wrong. T. SHORE, Ad­dle­stone, Sur­rey. DE­SPITE his doom­mon­ger­ing, surely the fact that Mark Car­ney has be­come a Bri­tish cit­i­zen proves he is op­ti­mistic about this coun­try’s pros­per­ity af­ter Brexit. LYN WALSH, Mac­cles­field, Cheshire. THE Bank of Eng­land failed to pre­dict the 2008 fi­nan­cial crash, but now claims to be able to fore­tell ac­cu­rately what is go­ing to hap­pen in 15 years’ time. J. COLLINS, Chelms­ford, Es­sex.

HoW can the Trea­sury fore­cast the econ­omy over the next 15 years? Fif­teen years ago, in 2003, the bank­ing cri­sis and aus­ter­ity were five years away, while the first iPhone wasn’t launched un­til 2007 and the iPad came out in 2010. Ama­zon was an in­ter­net book shop used only by geeks, and very few peo­ple did their shop­ping on­line. video and mu­sic stream­ing and so­cial me­dia were all years away. We had to wait un­til 2004 for Face­book, 2005 for YouTube and 2006 for Twit­ter. i would bet that the Trea­sury fore­casts of 15 years ago would not have fac­tored in all these essentials of mod­ern life.

MICHAEL AL­BIN, Black­burn, Lancs. I’M STILL wait­ing for Mark Car­ney’s best case sce­nario.

TED STICKLEY, Barn­sta­ple, Devon. We HAve had Bank of eng­land fore­casts based on the worst pos­si­ble out­comes of Brexit. Can we please have two more: the best pos­si­ble out­come of Brexit and the worst pos­si­ble out­come of stay­ing in the eU? even if the gloom-mon­gers are right and we are fi­nan­cially worse off af­ter Brexit, we will re­gain our pride in this great coun­try and its his­tory, tra­di­tions and cus­toms. We will be trad­ing with fast-grow­ing coun­tries, not just the de­clin­ing eU. is any­one pos­i­tive there will even be an eU in 15 years’ time?

TOM BODMAN, Shanklin, Isle of Wight. ALL this talk about how poor we might be af­ter Brexit. I thought the im­por­tant point was to take back con­trol of our coun­try.

W. MONT­GOMERY, Perth. HAv­inG sur­vived Chan­cel­lor nigel Law­son, a flir­ta­tion with the eRM and 15 per cent in­ter­est rates, the worst of the Bank of eng­land’s post-Brexit fore­casts are a walk in the park.

A FLOYD, Tingewick, Bucks.

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