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Se­cu­rity con­cerns

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ThE Eu’s de­ci­sion to ex­clude the uk from the gallileo satel­lite sys­tem so it doesn’t have to share sen­si­tive se­cu­rity in­for­ma­tion, is dis­grace­ful.

There is lit­tle doubt that some Euro­pean na­tions find it hard to stom­ach that our na­tion has saved their ba­con or de­feated them in two world wars; and with the u.S. the uk en­sured the pro­tec­tion of Europe from the Soviet union through­out the Cold War.

Throw­ing their toys out of the cot and play­ing silly po­lit­i­cal games with se­cu­rity is ex­tremely dan­ger­ous and can lead to se­ri­ous dan­gers. The Eu should be care­ful what it wishes for.

AD­MI­RAL LORD WEST, House of Lords, Lon­don SW1.

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