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Fish­ing be­trayal


I hAVE been a fish­er­man for more than 45 years and have lived in hope that one day the be­trayal by Ted heath and suc­ces­sive gutless Prime Min­is­ters would be re­versed.

That said, I have no wish to see Eu fish­er­men bankrupted by Brexit and find it in­con­ceiv­able that they should be barred to­tally from our waters.

Now is the time to de­cide ex­actly where to give ac­cess and re­al­lo­cate quo­tas in favour of Bri­tish fish­er­men in a fairer way.

how­ever, read­ing be­tween the lines of the so-called deal, I don’t be­lieve it will ever hap­pen.

ANDY MOR­RIS, Brix­ham, Devon.

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