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Knife crime ca­pit­u­la­tion

- Crime · Accrington

DuR­INg this knife crime epi­demic, it’s the gov­ern­ment’s job to pro­tect the pub­lic from crim­i­nals, not go soft be­cause the pris­ons are full.

We can spend bil­lions on a high­speed rail link to save a few min­utes, but we can’t af­ford to build new pris­ons to lock up mind­less thugs.

Don’t politi­cians re­alise what mes­sages they are send­ing out, not only to the knife thugs, but also in the dam­age to our tourism in­dus­try be­cause of the Wild West tag? MIKE CAT­TER­ALL, Ac­cring­ton, Lancs.

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