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My pet ’ates

- Dagenham · Bradley Walsh

WHEN i started my teach­ing ca­reer in Da­gen­ham, es­sex, the chil­dren were ter­rific.

They had Cock­ney/es­tu­ary ac­cents and it was one of my pet hates that they dropped the ‘h’ in speech and writ­ten work, such as ‘i aven’t got my books’. i con­stantly told them that the let­ter ‘h’ needs to be said and writ­ten.

i ob­vi­ously got the mes­sage through rather too well as they started to say: ‘We went to hour Granny’s for tea.’

i moved to Buck­ing­hamshire, and though only 60 miles away, i found the chil­dren had a dif­fer­ent prob­lem with the word ‘our’.

Be­cause of the ru­ral ac­cent, they said: ‘We went to are Granny’s for tea.’ oh well, you can’t win them all! EVE BERRY, Chal­grove, Oxon. THE re-in­state­ment of the let­ter ‘t’ in ev­ery­day speech (Let­ters) would bring mu­sic to the ears. inni’.

BUD LEECH, Cheshunt, Herts. i, Too, be­moan the loss of the let­ter ‘ t’. But spare a thought for ‘g’, which seems to have been re­placed by ‘k’ as in ‘any­think’ and ‘some­think’.

KATE WHITE, Rugby, Warks. HOW i agree with the crit­i­cism of Tv pre­sen­ters’ bad gram­mar (Let­ters).

i wince when i hear ‘i done’ in­stead of ‘i did’ and ‘we was’ in­stead of ‘we were’. JENNY CATCHPOLE, Great Kim­ble, Bucks. COULD some­one tell Tv star Bradley Walsh the dif­fer­ence be­tween was and were?

i cringe ev­ery time he gets it wrong on The Chase.


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